Many of our customers have limited resources to staff an in-house traffic or logistics department. Instead, they source that work out to QBL. We are in daily communication with bulk carriers and have the expertise to negotiate competitive freight rates while maintaining our customers' delivery schedules and adhering to their demanding trailer and product requirements. They do better by focusing on what they do best and outsourcing their transportation to us. Our customers' core competencies are in making and selling products. QBL’s core competency is moving those products from origin to destination. Many of our customers do not have the in-house expertise to match our ability to handle the movement of their bulk shipments.

 Daily contact with our many carriers allows us to monitor driver capacity and view the ever changing landscape in real time. As a result, QBL is able to find coverage for our customers when their "core" carriers cannot.

QBL is ideally suited to manage and coordinate liquid bulk campaign work. Our seasoned staff has the ability to utilize over 70 approved carriers who potentially have trucks that can assist with one or all of the loads. Give us the campaign information and leave the rest to us!     

Our expert staff can assist with carrier management.  We will carefully scrutinize all invoices for verification, confirmation and proper documentation of all chargeable services.   

 In summary, our knowledgeable and experienced staff serve as excellent transportation managers and consultants, allowing our customers to free up their resources to do other things.