This Excel file can generate a 20 days production schedule automatically according to the OEE of the machines/work centres and the due date of the work orders.

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  • It considers the holiday or non-working day
  • It calculate the start date and finish date of each work order.
  • It also estimate the daily output quantity of the work order
  • It will highlight the orders that may overdue
  • This version does not consider learning curve and machine setup time

Who need this spreadsheet?
This application best for those workshop that run many jobs simultaneously , for example, garment factory.

System Requirements:
  • You need to install Solver in your Excel.  Solver come with Excel when you buy it.  It is usually not installed by standard installation.  If you cannot find Solver on the menu bar, you must install it from the add-in options.
  • Your products must have standard minutes
  • You need to know OEE (overall equipement effectivenes) of your machines or work centre
  • No VBA or Macro are required