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qPDF Notes Introduction Video

posted Nov 14, 2012, 1:20 PM by Leila Holmann   [ updated Dec 19, 2012, 11:44 AM by Unknown user ]

  • qPDF Notes Android PDF App (Time 0:00)  
    • qPDF Notes is an Android app that allows users to view and annotate PDFs as well as fill interactive forms. 
  • Navigation (Time 0:1) 
    • It is easy to navigate through large documents with our continuous page view. 
    • One can easily toggle the Navigation overlay with a Two finger tap. 
    • The useful Go To Page section allows you to page through a page at a time or tap on the page numbers to directly jump to a desired page by number. 
    • Zoom in/out by finger spread and pinch gestures. 
    • A simple double tap fits the document to the screen size – that’s so great on tablets! 
  • Markups (Time 0:54) 
    • With qPDF Notes, we can add text markups, graphical annotations, typewriter annotations, and even images. 
    • Let’s add a pencil annotation, and a sticky note. 
  • Bookmarks (Time 1:19)
    • The navigation pane is a very advanced user interface that is particularly useful on tablets. 
    • The first tab allows users to navigate through the document outline or the table of contents that is stored with the PDF document. 
    • The second tab allows users to create and save their own bookmarks 
    • These are saved on the device rather than within the document to mark favorite passages 
    • The third tab is a list of comments on the document, to quickly move around by the annotations that have been added. 
    • With the fourth tab we can perform a text search to see and navigate through all text occurrences. 
  • Customization (Time 2:06)
    • As a user, you can customize the size of buttons, and even which ones are visible. 
  • Text Reflow (Time 2:27) 
    • In qPDF Notes, another display option is a text reflow, to easily read text in PDF documents. 
    • In this view, you can zoom in and the text will automatically reflow. 
  • Form Filling (Time 2:42) 
    • qPDF Notes is great for filling forms
    • Here’s a form with fields formatted for dates, numbers, and even javascript computations. 
    • Our unique table view allows fast form filling, where all fields can be filled in one table. 
  • PDF Tools by Qoppa Software (Time 3:36)
  • Qoppa Software PDF Tools and Libraries www.qoppa.com (Time 3:57)

Install qPDF Notes:
Google Play - Demo | Full
Amazon Appstore - Full
BlackBerry PlayBook - Demo | Full

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