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Volume purchases / licenses for qPDF Notes

Many customers have asked us in the past how they can license our PDF app qPDF Notes for multiple users and there was no easy solution for this. Finally, Google Play has started a new program called Google Play Work and qPDF Notes is now available for purchase through this program program allowing companies to purchase licenses for employees and reassignment of products.

Here is information from the Google Play Work Addendum

5. Volume purchases

Each business participating in this program may make purchase access rights to a Product on behalf of a number of end users associated with the business by paying the applicable charges for the access rights granted to each end user. To the extent Google makes such functionality available in the developer console, Product charges may be subject to discounts for volume purchases as set forth and agreed by you in the developer console from time to time.

6. Reassignment of Products

Once a business has made a Product available to a user through Google Play for Work, the business may withdraw access from that user and assign it to another member of the business any number of times without additional charge. After a business reassigns a Product to a new user, the user previously granted access to the Product will no longer have access to the Product through the user’s account. If you do not wish your Product to be reassignable in this way, you should not make it available through Google Play for Work.