• Just a few reminders about our daily routine:

  • All school information can be found on the school website under the parents tab. The parents tab is found right at the top of the page. General school information, supply lists, uniform information, scrip program, hot lunch and the cares program information can all be found here. You can get right to the website if you click on the QOA tab above. Please read the option c emails that come every Thursday!

  • Mihira is our mystery bag friend this week. .

  • Butterfly release on Friday was so fun! The children were so precious when we released the butterflies! We did all the PreK classes so there was much excitement!!

  • Looking ahead we have some half days and days off in May-

  • Friday May 27th and Monday May 30th and Tuesday May 31st.- no school for Memorial Day

  • Dress the Alphabet Day!- Wednesday May 25th. The children can come to school dressed up in a costume that begins with the letter of their choice. They need to be able to tell me what letter their outfit begins with. Since I feel like we have had so much dressing up and things going on I am going to let you and your child pick the letter. This might make the day easier if you are able to encourage your child to pick something that is easy for you or that you might already have.

  • Last Day of school celebration! The last day of school is Friday June 3rd. We are trying something different this year. We are going to meet at Mason's Mill beginning at 10:00 am to 11:30 am. The children can have some fun running around and playing with their school friends at this great local park! A flyer will be coming soon with all the details but I just wanted you to have the date now!

  • We will be talking all about Mary for the month of May. I have a little Mary table set up in our room for the children to bring in flowers or little drawings for Mary. If you think of it send any flowers you may have ( even little ones you pick from the grass are great) or the class can draw pictures. I will go over all this with the class tomorrow during religion time.