We had a very busy week in Pre-K getting ready for Muffins with Mom. We had cards, secret presents and a song to practice. The class was really excited for Friday to get here!! They talked about it pretty much everyday. They really do get excited for Moms to come in and visit the class. We usually have a little tears on the Dad visit day and the Mom visit day but they forget quick enough!! I am glad all the Moms could make it in for the celebration.

Thank you so much for all the flowers and drawings for our Mary statue. We even had someone make a little crown for Mary. The children love to put the flowers down and we have a special Mary prayer we say each day as well.

I think.....WE WILL HAVE BUTTERFLIES this week!!! They are looking more and more ready each day. I pray they did not come out over the weekend and we are lucky enough to be in school when they come out. Last year we got to see it and the class was amazed. I am sure your child will keep you posted.

We are going to have 2 high school seniors named Gianna and Bianca working in the Preschool for the next 3 weeks. They are from Lower Moreland High school and they are doing a community action project for seniors . They will be helping out with some projects including Pirate day! ( lucky them!! ) I know the class will be excited to have them.

Pirate day is this Friday. Please send your child to school dressed like a pirate. You do not have to buy anything . Be as creative as you want. Please no swords or weapons with the outfits.

Make sure you check out the Peek of the Week.

Have a good week!