We made it! Our first full week of school is behind us now. Hopefully next week will be a little easier for the children. Cross your fingers we only have a little bit of tears on Monday and then no more the rest of the week! This week we enjoyed reading our David books. The children LOVED hearing about all the naughty things David would do. We used David often this week as an example of how not to act at school. So if you hear your child say " Don't be like a David " this is what they mean! We were so happy to receive our first art work from home to hang in our classroom. Graeme brought in a cool picture for us that we hung right up. We love to see what the children make at home so keep them coming! The children had a good time at their first gym class. Macklin was talking about it all week and he was happy to report they played a good game of red light green light!

We still need some family photos for our classroom. Please send it in if you have not already done so!

Please don't forget a drink for snack and also for lunch. Don't forget our classroom is tree nut and peanut free!

Don't forget to check the Peek of the Week !!

Have a good week!