Lubrication Highlights Performance

Why Use Us!

Improving Efficiency  by Reducing  Friction and Wear Is Challenging...

It needs experience and deep insight in the science and technology of surface science, material interactions at the micro- and nano-scale, surface energy, elastic and elastoplastic deformation and microfracture.

QLUBES is a team of highly experienced tribological engineers, scientists and business professionals ready to look into your tribological issue and recommend best solutions.

Our Experience Shows!

When It Comes to Specialty Lubricants..
QLUBES  Satisfy Your Needs Comprehensively and Precisely!

Our Products Include!

A large variety of specialty oils:

Food approved lubricants
Biodegradable products
Assembly aids
Bearing greases
Synthetic gear oils
Rubber & plastic lubricants
Anti-squeak coatings
Anti-seize pastes
High performance chain oils
Vacuum system oils and
Heavy duty greases.
and more
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