Condensed Matter Physics at the Coogee Bay
& Gordon Godfrey Meeting
Friday 14 & Monday 17 December 2012


1. To relax, have fun, and discuss the year's achievements while looking out over the Pacific Ocean.
2. Present a 15 minute talk summarising your current/future interests in not-too-technical language.

The workshop will be held in the Seaview room at the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney.

Directions: For anyone coming from out of town, or not having sampled the delights of the Coogee Bay Hotel, proceed down the hill from Randwick on Coogee Bay Road until the sea impedes further progression - you are then either outside the CBH or on beach (if the latter you have gone about 50 m too far). The 372 bus from Town Hall/Central/Randwick Jn goes to Coogee.

See link on the left. If Google asks you to log in, please ignore it (don't log in) - the link should still work.

Photos of the workshop are here.

Abstract Submission
We particularly welcome contributions from research students and postdoctoral researchers. Remember this is an informal meeting and an opportunity to talk about your work in front of a friendly but expert audience.

Titles and abstracts should be submitted by email to
to the fallowing address: assistant@qed.physics.unsw.edu.au containing:
1. presenting author's name
2. talk title
3. optional brief (3-4 sentences) abstract

There's no registration fee, but if you are planning to attend, please send an email to the fallowing address:
with your name, status (student/postdoc/faculty) and institution.

Participants list

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided for registered participants. Cold beverages may be purchased downstairs in the bar. We will not be providing lunch but there are many inexpensive cafes etc very close - or bring a sandwich and eat it on the beach.

Previous workshops
2011 Gordon Godfrey Workshop on Spins and Strong Correlations - link here.
2010 Condensed Matter at the Coogee Bay - see here.
2009 Gordon Godfrey Workshop on Spins and Strong Correlations - link here.

This meeting is supported by the University of New South Wales and the Gordon Godfrey Bequest.

Local Organisers
Alex Hamilton