Quigley Catholic High School Health and PE
Teacher: Mr. Kuntz
Athletic Director: Mr. Kuntz
(724) 869-2188

The Quigley Catholic High School physical education program focuses on building the physical, mental, emotional, and  spiritual development of our students. It also focuses on aspects of  health that will give our students the ability to live a long and healthy lifestyle. Physical activity, fitness, exercise programming, team skills, individual skills, health concepts and lifelong learning activities will all be an intrigue part of the Health and PE experience at Quigley Catholic.

Physical fitness is one of the most important things a child can do for their health. It is suggested that children and young adults get up to 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Gym clothes are required for all gym classes. When going outdoors, Quigley Catholic long sleeves and pants are encouraged in colder weather.

It is the students responsibility to see Mr. Kuntz if they miss a gym class. All fitness days and fitness testing must be made up if a student misses class on this day. Please schedule with Mr. Kuntz.

If a student is injured or cannot participate in gym classes, a note from a doctor or parent is required.

For more information regarding Health and PE, please refer to the class syllabus. If there are questions that cannot be answered through the syllabus, please contact Mr. Kuntz.