1. What is the Office of Student Development & Leadership?
Formerly known as Student Life, the Office of Student Development & Leadership is the hub for all registered student organizations, student event planning, and other student needs. OSDL works closely with the Student Association, Queens College Association, and other campus partners to provide unique and exciting experiences for QC students. 

2. Where is the Office of Student Development & Leadership located?
We are located in the Student Union, Room 327. If you are looking for the Business Office, they are located in the Student Union, Room 203.

3. What is an RSO? 
An RSO is a registered student organization at Queens College. In order to gain RSO status, the Campus Affairs Committee must approve a group. 

4. Where can I find Student Organization policies and procedures?  
Refer to the Student Development & Leadership Handbook, available in PDF form on our website. 

5. Who has access to parking in the SU side deck and how is a parking pass obtained?
Contact Fran Estrada, in Student Union Room 315, for more information.

6. What is the difference in reserving student union & campus space?
Student Union space reservations and campus space reservations have two separate processes; please refer to the Student Development & Leadership Handbook for a detailed description of the processes. 

7. How does my club remain active?
Fill out a re-chartering packet and submit by October 1st. 
If a re-chartering packet is not submitted an RSO will be deemed inactive.

8. Why am I not receiving emails?
Be sure you are checking your QMail account

9. What is Nuts & Bolts, and who has to attend?
Nuts and Bolts is an annual RSO training day that occurs at the start of the semester – it is mandatory for all executive board members. 

10. How do I reserve a table at Club Day?
Contact the Student Association for more information regarding Club Day reservations.

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