Certificate in Children's and Young Adult Services in the Public Library

Get a competitive edge by earning the 12-credit certificate!

You are eligible to enroll for the certificate under the following conditions:
  • You are enrolled in an MLS program; or
  • You hold an MLS degree and work or intend to work in public library youth services; or
  • You meet all the Queens College, CUNY, entrance requirements for graduate study.
This New York State-approved certificate is designed to help you develop the skills of youth in three age groups:
  • Preschoolers: Familiarize future readers with written language; establish routines that are conducive to reading and learning; promote the idea that reading is pleasure, not work.
  • School-age children: Expand and sustain reading skills, motivation, and pleasure in reading; help them begin acquires independent research skills; foster creativity through free, independent, and self-directed inquiry.
  • Teens: Help young adults discover that reading is a lifelong pleasure through which they can gain the knowledge and skills necessary for useful employment and satisfying relationships; support their information literacy skills through projects guided by their hobbies and interests.
The certificate will be awarded to students who complete 12 credits (4 courses) from the following selection of courses. Specific course selections will be determined in consultation with a faculty advisor and considering the educational, professional and personal background and interest of the student:

Core (required) courses:

  • LBSCI 737 Literature for Children and Adolescents
  • LBSCI 739 Literature for Young Adults
  • LBSCI 773 Public Library Services for Children
  • LBSCI 777 Planning and Delivering Young Adult Serrvices in the Public Library 

Potential elective courses:

  • LBSCI 711 Collection Development
  • LBSCI 755 Design and Production of Multimedia
  • LBSCI 764 Instructional Technologies for K–12 Information Literacy. 
  • LBSCI 768 Storytelling
  • LBSCI 767 Reading Motivation Techniques for Children and Adolescents
  • LBSCI 771 Organization and Management: Public Libraries 
  • LBSCI 775 Librarianship in a Multicultural Society: Materials and Services 
  • LBSCI 790 Exploring and Understanding Comics in Libraries 

To receive the certificate at the completion of the prescribed four course sequence, paraprofessionals must have become matriculated students at Queens College. Current M.L.S students of the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies will obtain the certificate at the same time as the awarding of their degree. Library/information service professionals who complete a four course sequence will be awarded the certificate by the College.