Academic Program Assessment at Queens College

This site provides access to Queens College's historical repository of assessment documents for academic programs.

Departments use the Document Repository web page to manage documents that are already on file and to upload new documents to the repository as they become available. Department chairs have access to curate the repository for all of a departments’ academic programs. Chairs may also delegate other members of their department as curators by contacting the Provost.

The Repository Instructions document provides guidelines for academic program assessment at Queens College and descriptions of the types of documents to be stored in the repository. It also provides instructions for working with the Document Repository web page itself.

The Explore Repository web page is a visualization of the documents currently in the Repository. The visualization is automatically updated once a day.

The 2015 Assessment Audit is the product of the Middle States self-study working group on Standard V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment. The working group produced that audit manually, just before the College developed this web interface to the repository.

Document Repository

Repository Instructions

Explore Repository

2015 Assessment Audit