Volcano Lair

You choose to save the Ipod so you chase that Bat that loomed into a mountain. It smells like Fire and ash, you could hear bats and birds making their sound. You are terrified and scared from the view from the above. The flipper flapper’s dreaming in their head who is this stranger they say.
Once you enter the mountain you realize that your in a Active... Volcano. You scream from horror and the view. When you scream so loud the Bats wake up and attack you in a sudden move. They carry you all the way into a cave!  You enter the Cave looking even more scared than before because this is not just a cave it’s the house of the bats. A talking Flipper Flapper comes and tells you good morning Mortal. This is unusual a talking bat ?
Ooh you can see the Ipod with that old, Nasty Bat. You chase that bat all around the scary cave until you reach a dead end. There is an escape but it’s very high and you can’t reach it but only if you can fly.
You see a Flipper Flapper surrounding a hover so you rush over to it. You grab it when he turns around. You take it and it turns on automatically. You fly over the dead end which you saw earlier. When you reach the top of it you can see that the only escape is closing so you have to rush before your stuck in this Cave. Suddenly you hear a scream, but not a Human scream a penguin scream! “Chuck!”! Your scream was as loud as a race car that it made the bats notice that you have the special Hover.
You rush to the dead end before it closes but happily you manage to cross it. You see that flipper Flapper way ahead of you . You are near the bat with the ipod so you jump of the Hover and catch the Bat. You pull the ipod from the bat and when you are about to click the back button you remember me! You escape from the Cave then the mountain and after 2 minutes of searching for me you find me. You start to cry because your Best friend is.... Dead! or is he sleeping?
You find the pirate in the ocean so you rush to him with me in your hands. You have an argument with him about killing me and why he did it. Before he could answer you the whole Island shakes so hard that you drop me on the floor. “Run!” He says. You and him run to the ocean and start swimming. The volcano erupts and ash covers the sky. Lava starts pouring out of the mountain. We reach to an Island that is called BANANA ISLAND. It is safe and warm but you tell the pirate Goodbye and reach in your pocket for the ipod. Before you click any button He holds your hand and says” Just to let you know My name is Captain Hook”. “ Thanks but now I have to say Goodbye to you, So bye”. You click the BACK button on the ipod and we land in New york our country and I suddenly open my eyes and say “Hi”.” Chuck!” you scream. You hug me and we live happily ever after in New York.