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Launching to the Moon, 1969

Describe the setting very clearly
When the grey foggy smoke we find our selves in the middle of a white gigantic rocket wearing space suits and hear a countdown ‘7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0’ the sound says in a deep voice, we jump to the window and shove each other. Then see a whole lot of flame coming out of the large deep hole under the rocket and feel like were flying.5 minutes later we are FLOATING.’There is no gravity’ I yell.

When we land and we look out the window like spies and then we get out the rocket and jump out there wearing the space helmet. We find craters the are almost as large as the hole on the rocket.We jump up and down like we are flying! We rush to the craters and the look down it seems like a 5 miles deep. As we are looking down I cant believe my eyes so the iPod slips right out of my hand like soap and I see that its floating down into the crater.  

We realize that we have to go down there. I trip over a rock and go head first in the crazy pitch black hole. Your filthy disgusting shoes slip on the slimy gucky surface of the moon and you fall down too! When we reach the bottom of the crater we see in curiosity aliens are dancing!We find the iPod in the bar