Welcome to Q-ATM Ltd - A RenovITe Technologies Company

For over 25 years, Jim Tomaney has been building, delivering, marketing and selling enterprise payments solutions and associated services for the ATM and transaction processing industries across the world. 

Working in a variety of senior roles delivering to organisations including HSBC, BBVA, Barclays, ING, ACI Worldwide, Lloyds Banking Group, Wincor Nixdorf, CIBC, Bank Of America, ABN AMRO and Vocalink, Jim has frequently observed that the benefits of advanced technology in transaction processing  systems are cancelled out by outdated approaches to managing software products and end-to-end applications.  

While technologies, and technology providers, often promise that the next release will deliver the customer to the promised land of effective and efficient systems management combined with a rapid time to market and a lower total cost of ownership, reality rarely lives up to expectations.  Jim’s experience on both sides of the supplier-customer divide, working in a range of disciplines, has provided a unique opportunity to observe, review and critique the traditional approach to delivering transaction processing products and services.  This experience has led Jim to a conclusion that biggest barrier to reaching the promised land is not technology, but embedded processes and legacy thinking.  Removing this barrier requires a new, more agile approach to systems delivery and application maintenance.

Having successfully demonstrated the benefits of this new approach in both a software product supplier and a financial institution, Jim launched Q-ATM Limited to be a vehicle for spreading this proven best practice.  In October 2017, Q-ATM Ltd was acquired by RenovITe Technologies Inc - a disruptive provider of payments solutions based in Fremont, California.