Choir 2018-2019

Vaghi rai di cigli ardenti.mp4

Now and for Always.mp4

Rolling in the Deep ‎(Candice Lopez, Adriana Alvarez, Brandon Tang, Natalie Ter-Nedden, Samantha Valdivia, and Sophia Paciotta)‎.mp4


Girl on Fire ‎(Linda Ramirez)‎.mp4


Diamond ‎(Madi Marcial)‎.mp4

We Are Young.mp4

Rattle on the Stovepipe.mp4

The Fire in your Eyes.mp4

Fireflies ‎(Owl City)‎.mp4

Greased Lightnin'.mp4

Blue Skies ‎(Tahlia Pompel and Maggie Grijalva)‎.mp4

Dies Irae.mp4

Like to Sing About Sunshine ‎(Melody Tang, Cadence Douglas, and Mckyla Alzaga)‎.mp4

Requiem from Dear Evan Hansen ‎(Sofia Candela)‎.mp4


Ghost riders in the sky.mp4

I'm Yours.mp4

Campfire Song Song.mp4

The Fire in your Eyes.mp4