Peter Wolf the year is a song
This signature piece, adapted as a special arrangement from Peter and Norbert Zehm's opera CADENCE MACBETH, has been given independent life by world-renowned countertenor Arno Raunig - who took the title role of Lulach Cadence Macbeth in the opera's premiere production.
THE YEAR IS A SONG now features regularly in Arno's live concert repertoire,
 including in 2011 the Palais Trautson and Wiener Hofburgkapelle.
Other stand-alone pieces from CADENCE MACBETH include BE SOMEONE,
which premiered in repertoire with THE YEAR IS A SONG at Innsbruck's renowned
 Treibhaus concert venue on November 9, 2012, as part of Norbert's ongoing
Read an interview with Norbert on the project in Kronenzeitung 9. November 2012