This assignment is designed to empower you with speaking skills, writing skills, design skills and civic knowledge---all of which you will showcase and share with the community and your schoolmates at Watsonville High.

There are 17 California propositions and 4 City of Watsonville measures to be voted on in this 2016 Election- November 8.  As a class we will learn about all of those propositions/measures and in pairs you will become experts on at least one.  Your job for the school and community, will be to present clear and objective explanations of one proposition or measure, to the community and the school.  This will be done in a conference style forum in the library (during school) and the cafeteria (evening).  

You will be prepared to answer questions and present the information in a website, slideshow, video or professional poster. This is an opportunity to express fair and balanced views of a topic, regardless of your personal feelings.  You have a job to do.....INFORM THE COMMUNITY!!!!!! Then, let them decide.

                                                                                                                              PRESENTATION DATES:


Invite your friends and neighbors!!!Image result for community
Thursday Nov. 3rd - during class ( in library)
Friday Nov. 4th - during class ( in library)
Thursday, Nov. 3rd- 4:30-6:30pm in the Cafeteria

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