About Me: I am Amber Abraham and I have been teaching at Dos Caminos for 6 years.  My husband, Shane is an EMT, and loves talking to the kids about his adventures! I love to travel and learn about new cultures. I have been to a number of different countries, and enjoy sharing my experiences with my students. Being outside and in the sunshine is my favorite thing, and I will get the class outside as much as possible. I am also a huge fan of hands on experiences, so we will do a lot of projects, group work, and field trips!  

Language Arts: 

We are continuing with the Language Arts program that was introduced last year. Students will have a workbook that they will use for three weeks at a time, then it will be graded and sent home. We will also be using novels in our room to look at different styles literature. 


This year, we will we will continue using Engage NY for our math curriculum, and we will build even further on the skills started last year. Some skills we will be working on this year are: adding, subtracting, multiplying fractions, place value through the billions and to the thousandths place, percentages, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals, area, volume, circumference, and many others. This math program moves fast, and there will be days of frustration, but know that we are going to take the time to make sure the concepts are understood, and I will be there to walk through it every step of the way.  As we dive right in, it is SUPER important for all students in fifth grade to know their multiplication facts and their division facts.

Writer’s Workshop

We will be working this year on three main writing genres; narrative, informational, and opinion. Students will be expected to write five paragraph essays, and properly draft, edit, revise, and publish their work. While some things will be done on paper, many assignments will be turned in directly to me online. You can always access your student's work from home in their Google Drive. 


 I am looking forward to implementing more technology this year!  Our students will be using technology to learn and create projects to demonstrate their knowledge. Google Classroom, and other online programs will be used on a weekly, if not daily basis in the room. Students will not only do individual projects but group collaboration in person as well as online. Students will also work on writing computer code, and creating models to print on our 3D printer.