Perkiomen Valley’s Summer Reading Program

PURPOSE: Perkiomen Valley School District understands that when students read more and self-select their texts, this habit has a positive impact on academic success. Reading high interest materials also prepares students for the demands of college- and career-reading. Additionally, in the words of Penny Kittle, a secondary teacher, K-12 literacy coach, and staff developer, reading independently “also enlarges [students’] worldview[s] and gives them a greater understanding of the complexities of arguments so often truncated on the news” (xiv) or in online reading or skimming.

Perkiomen Valley’s Summer Reading Program is as easy as 1-2-3!  
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Summer Reading GOAL #1: To INSPIRE a lifelong love of reading

Whether it is historical fiction, informational text, mystery, biography, fantasy, technical writing, poetry, realistic fiction, classical literature, or one of many other genres, there is a book that will open new worlds for each of us. Summer reading is a great chance for each student to explore personal interests, various genres, topics he/she wants to know more about while discovering his/her own "just right" books.

Summer Reading GOAL #2: To promote and develop LITERACY

Research strongly suggests that reading skills improve with practice and weaken when not exercised.
Richard Allington, professor of literacy studies at the University of Tennessee and past-president of the International Reading Association and the Literacy Research Association, shares, “Struggling readers from any income level experience summer reading setback” (quoted in Kittle 152). 

In her text Book Love: Developing Depth, Stamina, and Passion in Adolescent Readers, Penny Kittle further notes that in the summer, “Students need to practice the deep concentration and stamina book reading requires” (149).