Welcome to the PVMSE Library!

Library Hours

Monday-Friday  7:40 am to 3:10 pm

The mission of the Library is to enable students and staff to be "able to access high-quality information from diverse perspectives, make sense of it to draw their own conclusions or create new knowledge, and share their knowledge with others."

---Standards for the 21st-Century Learner in Action, 2009

Have a Question?  We are here to help!

Mrs. Gina Kratz- Librarian

Mrs. Maureen Monteleone - Library Assistant

Phone 610-409-8580, ext. 3015


  • The library will be open every Monday after school for Reading Olympics Members.  Feel free to stay to read, check out books, discuss books, or check in with your team. It is NOT MANDATORY to stay!      
  • See link below to access the 2018 Reading Olympics Book List
Reading Olympics 2018 Book List