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Google will fix Home and Chromecast bug that reveals your location

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:18 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Don't look now, but your Google Home speaker or Chromecast could give away your whereabouts... for a little while, that is. Google has promised a fix for an authentication vulnerability that lets attackers obtain your location using the company's devices as a conduit. While the necessary Home app on your phone normally performs most tasks through Google's cloud services, others (such as setting a device name and WiFi connection) are sent directly to the Home or Chromecast without authentication. If you use domain name system rebinding software, you can exploit this to obtain nearby wireless networks and use Google's location lookup services to obtain a position to an accuracy of a few feet."


Google's "Be Internet Awesome" Curriculum is Now Available in Spanish

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:15 AM by Skip Zalneraitis


At about this time last year Google introduced Be Internet AwesomeBe Internet Awesome offers an interactive site called Interland. Interland is a game in which students navigate a virtual world by correctly answering questions about internet safety. Starting today that game is available in Spanish and English."

Google’s Translate app now works offline for 59 languages

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:11 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

Google’s Translate app now works offline for 59 languages
Credit: Nicole Gray
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Google yesterday announced an update to its Translate app which brings offline support for 59 languages to iOS and Android devices."


The best Chromebooks for students

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:10 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

"Despite Apple’s well-publicized attempts to be the top dog in school computers, Google has made quick headway in overtaking the tech giant, becoming the face of school computers in the last few years.

More than 20 million students are using Chromebooks, says Google

Chromebooks now dominate the school market, and for good reason. They’re cheap, portable, and often rugged. Their stripped-down designs aren’t for everyone, but they’re just about perfect for students and schools.

There are many to choose from, and they vary in quality and functionality. So what are the best Chromebooks for students?

Here are our top picks for the title of best Chromebook for students!"


Google Tasks to Become a Core G Suite Service

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:07 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

In late April Google launched a new stand-alone app called Google Tasks. Last week Google announced that at the end of June Google Tasks will become a core service of G Suite. It will be on by default for all domains."

Grackle - Assess the Accessibility of Your Google Docs & Slides

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:05 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

Grackle is a service that will check your Google Documents, Slides, and Sheets for accessibility. It is available as an Add-on for Google Docs, for Google Slides, and for Google Sheets. With the Add-on installed Grackle will run a check for visual accessibility then make suggestions for improvements."

Android Messages Rolls Out For The Web, Chromebooks

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:03 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

"One of my favorite things about Chrome OS is the constant feeling that we’re on the edge of great, new technology all the time. Being an OS that is formed mainly around web-based applications and services, Chrome OS takes full advantage of the emerging web-focused tech that is springing up almost daily. Sure, we have Android Apps, Linux apps in the works and heavy rumors of the ability to dual-boot Windows, but the real purpose of a Chromebook is to run web-based tasks better than anything else."

Google Maps quick access buttons appear for some users

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:02 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

"Google Maps quick access buttons appear for some users

Google Maps is the navigation app of choice for many people, but it’s not always the easiest to navigate. Given that Maps is used for driving, you need to be able to access your primary destinations quickly, and that’s where quick access buttons come in. These buttons are overlaid directly onto the home screen and pull up directions with a single tap."


Google Maps vs Waze: Which Is Better for You?

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:00 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

"Wondering which mapping app to guide you through your next journey? Google Maps is far and away the world's favorite, but savvy drivers also talk up Waze for its crowd-sourced traffic and alert features. Decisions, decisions.
Google Maps seen running on the left, while Waze is on the right. (Credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide)

How to Set Up a VPN on a Chromebook

posted Jun 20, 2018, 5:58 AM by Skip Zalneraitis

"How to Set Up a VPN on a Chromebook

Chromebooks, and all Chrome OS devices, have a lot going for them in terms of security. Installing malware on them is devilishly tricky, and wiping them to start over from scratch is a snap. But there's one key area in which Chrome OS can be a headache, and that's VPN support. If you ever wanted to secure your connection with a VPN, but struggled to make it work on your Chromebook, you're not alone. We'll explain why it's a problem, as well as ways to (maybe) fix it."


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