February 8, 2016

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians and Families,

The 2016-17 PVRS course selection process is underway!   Please take some time with your student to review the Program of Studies online which can be found on the Administration page of the PVRS website at http://pvrs.pvrsdk12.org.

The next two months will be busy as we roll out the course selection process for the 2016-17 school year.  We were very intentional in our approach to this year’s process, with our goal being to provide a small setting where students can get help throughout each step of the process. Advisory time will be designed to encourage discussion and provide planning time for students in a small setting.  Students will have the opportunity to hear about each course that is offered at Pioneer by the teacher that teaches the class. Students will explore the Program of Studies booklet with a scavenger hunt in their advisory groups.  They will discuss the reasons for their course requests based upon their future plans, and students will learn how to count class credits to ensure that they have requested the correct number of classes.  Students will also list other class options they would entertain should their original class requests not be available. 

It is extremely important for students to take this process seriously as the interest shown on these forms will dictate what courses will be offered next year.   We aim to have course requests completed for all grades, and entered into the computer by early April.  At that time, we will print out a course request verification form for each student to bring home for a parent/guardian to sign. This is the last opportunity to make course request changes before the master schedule is built.  Again, the courses PVRS offers and when these classes are offered is based on the completed, signed and returned verification forms. Please be thoughtful in the process and responsible with the timeline.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact the Guidance Department.   

Thank you for your time.


PVRS School Counseling Department


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This website will become a tool to connect the Pioneer Valley Regional School community which includes students, families, and local community members to the resources that support our students throughout their time at PVRS.  Additionally, this website should support everyone in understanding more about what our School Counseling program  provides for students in our community.

We thank you for your patience during this website development time. 

Our Mission...
We seek to support the  growth of each individual student across three key areas; Personal/Social Development, Academic Skill Building, and Career Exploration.  This holistic approach to working with students ensures that barriers to success in any one of these key areas are addressed, thereby encouraging growth individually, socially, and academically with a college and career readiness focus.  We know that students are most successful when they feel safe inside and outside of our school building.   We also know that student engagement in school and in the local community encourages individual growth and development. 

Creating an environment where students feel safe and excited to take on new challenges inside and outside of the classroom, while also finding the fine balance between student advocacy, student responsibility and student accountability; this is where the work of the school counselor begins...