Ms Lareau Whitcomb, Room 111, Extension 121

General News Week of April 24 to April 28:  
Precalculus students will have a retake of the Lesson 1 quiz on Tuesday.  They will then complete Lesson 2 in Book 3 Unit 6.   This will lead to an expanded concept of trigonometry, including use of trigonometry to understand cyclical phenomena.  Statistics students will begin study of Chapter 7, where they learn how to construct confidence intervals for results of polls or samplings.

AP CALCULUS--Refer to the Google Classroom page for current 

notices and homework.



Here is the link to a recommended online graphing calculator.  You can use the PrtScn (Print Screen) key to copy graphs onto a clipboard to use in your function library.


As your son/daughter may have told you, I have a severe to profound hearing loss in both ears due to a condition known as otosclerosis.  While I wear powerful hearing aids, hearing aids can never fully compensate for a hearing loss.
I also use an FM device in my classroom that assists me in hearing my students better.  In addition, Mr. Dietrich is a full time paraprofessional assigned to all my classes.  He assists me with explaining what the students are saying.  He often has been able to  provide invaluable help to my students, especially those in the Fundamentals class.  
The link below will bring you to a letter that helps to describe the best way to interact with me.