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Intercultural Foods    


In this course, we study the regional foods and customs of the United States and the world. We examine how climate, geography and culture influence the cuisine of the region. The highlights of the food labs are the aroma and sampling of homemade cultural foods.


Advanced Nutrition & Foods


 Our mission in this class is to promote sound nutrition habits and advanced culinary skills for students.  By providing a working knowledge of the food industry, students may go forth to a professional life in the culinary arts and food service.  Students also develop knowledge and skills to take control of their nutritional health.

Intro Nutrition & Foods


 As an introduction to the Nutrition & Foods Program at PVRS, this course blends the scientific knowledge of nutrition with practical application of preparing tasty nutritious foods.  We explore how nutrition affects health and how the body uses nutrients.  In the food lab, we learn skills for planning and preparing nutrient-rich foods using basic safe food-handling practices.  This setting also provides opportunities to learn skills and gain experience in teamwork and time management. 

Related Arts Rotation: Grades 7 & 8

 Students love to cook and eat!  To help them do this safely and in good health, we focus on introduction to basic knowledge and skills of nutrition and food preparation.   Our topics include safety and sanitation, healthy breakfast and snack options, the effects of fast food and sugary drinks on health, and a brief introduction to the basic nutrients.  In the food lab, emphasis is also placed on developing effective teamwork and time management skills.