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 Period D  


Personal Money Management

Course Expectations & Grading Policy 

Credit Card Comparison Chart

Automobile Purchasing & Financing Links
From Consumer Reports:

Bankrate's calculator

Free Credit Score Estimator: Get Your Estimated FICO® Scores Range

National Association of Colleges & Employers Salary Survey

New York Times’ Student Loan Calculator

The Debate:  
Principal vs. Principle
Remember, you have PRINCIPLES about money but the PRINCIPAL is the amount deposited or borrowed.  (The "P" in the Interest formula)

Helpful Calculator Links

Simple & Compound Interest Calculators


Bankrate.com- Excellent Resource To Compare Rates



Inflation Calculator


2016 Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report- The Skills Economy

Very interesting data!

 Semester 2
Periods A & B
Digital Communication

Course Expectations & Grading Policy

Charity Reflection (Memorandum Template)- 

Part 1 of the Final Exam (emailed to students at start of exam)

Please remember to save your 3 artifacts & your Reflection with appropriate saving names AND on both your P/Google drive.

 Computer Applications 
Unfortunately, not currently running for the 2016-2017 year
Please see Guidance if you would like to take the class for Semester 2.  See me if you'd like a list of students that took the class last year to discuss with them.

 Period F-


Computers 8

Lab Rules 

Free, Classroom Clipart Line



Glogster - http://edu.glogster.com/


Key Word Search Challenge Game



Soccer Challenge Key Word/Search Technique Game



Snow Sports Challenge Key Word/Search Technique Game



A great example of a "BAD" website

PERFECTLY horrible!!! (must have sound on!)


Check out the following sites & let me know what you think:


§The Burmese Mountain Dog http://descy.50megs.com/akcj3/bmd.html

§Taxonomy of Barney http://improbable.com/airchives/paperair/volume1/v1i1/barney.htm

Regular Rotation Birthday Internet Research Chart & PowerPoint Criteria 

**Rotation 6**
Modified Birthday Internet Chart & PowerPoint Criteria

Rotation 6 Modified PowerPoint
 (Rotation Ends on 6/19)
If you need addtional time, you have until 11:30 am on Tuesday, 6/20 (emailed as an attachment)
I'll put it on a CD and bring to you E blocks on Wednesday, 6/21.
 Period C-

Marketing & E-Commerce

Course Expectations & Grading Policy

Week of 6/12
Research:  Do's & Taboos with International Marketing

Presentations:  Friday, 6/16