8th grade Science  

Genni Garanin    Email: garaning@pvrsdk12.org     Extension: 266 

Course Overview:

This year in science students will learn and explore multiple fields of science: Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Life Science. These explorations will build on the skills and knowledge of the students and to strengthen their understanding in all areas of science.

 Course Topics:

  1. Earth and Space Sciences
    1. Earth’s place in the Universe
    2. Earth’s Systems
    3. Earth and Human Activity
  2. Life Science
    1. Molecules to Organisms
    2. Heredity: Inheritance and variation of traits
    3. Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
  3. Physical Science
    1. Matter and Its Interactions
    2. Motion and Stability: forces and interactions


  • Binder
  • Dividers

Students will organize materials for science in 3 sections: Do Nows, Notes/ Handouts and Mastery. Binder checks will be done periodically for a grade.

Do Now: this is the warm up question for the class day.

Notes/ Handouts: hand outs or notes students take in class will be in this section.

Mastery: tests, quizzes, labs or articles

Science Lab Safety Rules

1.     Wear chemical splash goggles when using hazardous materails and/or open flames.

2.    Horse play, pranks or any other acts of mischief are dangerous and forbidden.

3.    Never eat or drink during a lab.

4.    All lab procedures must be followed.

5.    Tie long hair back so it cannot catch fire from a flame.  Hair burns very readily.

6.    Wear shoes in the laboratory.  Do not wear bulky clothing.

7.    Lab prep rooms are off limits to students , unless accompanied by a teacher.

8.    Never work on an experiment without teacher supervision.

9.    Observe good housekeeping practices.  Work areas, including sinks, should be kept clean and tidy.  Put unnecessary materials out of sight.

10.  Report all accidents to your teacher.

11.  Return all equipment clean and in working order to the proper storage area.

12.  Mature conduct is expected at all times.  Keep non-essential conversation to a minimum.