English Language Arts Grade 8

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English 8

January, 2018 Homework:

  • Read at least 30 minutes per day, everyday. You should always be reading! 

  • Independent Reading Book Quarterly Project - Due Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018

  • Poetry Unit - Assignments to be announced.

Grade 8 English focuses on the continuing development of skills in language, literature, active reading, active listening, and composition.  Partner and group work support the heterogeneous classes.   Students will read in a variety of areas while solidifying skills in grammar, vocabulary and composition.  These areas include poetry,non-fiction, and fiction including traditional storytelling, folktales, fables, mythology, world culture, short story and essay.  There is also focus on reading comprehension strategies in preparation to take the ELA state test.

On-going Homework for English 8: 

  • Read at least 30 minutes every night in a book of your own choice.

  • Continue to work toward your Independent Quarterly Book Project, connected to your choice reading, each quarter.
  • This year we will have a competition to find grammar and punctuation mistakes that we come across in our daily lives. You might find something in one of my handouts.  You might see one at the grocery store.  You may see one in a book, newspaper, or magazine.  Maybe you’ll find one on a billboard while out riding with family.  Take a photo of it, if you have a camera or cell phone that can do this.  Or, write it down to present to us.

    You will need to submit the pictures or copies of the typos and grammar mistakes you discover (billboards, menus, letters, etc.). In class, you will need to share them the class, explain what the error is, and how it should be corrected.

    The prize will be a very rare and valuable LATEPASS, which will entitle you to hand in one homework assignment 24 hours late (some restrictions apply, one per student per quarter).  So, get started with your search and we are looking forward to what you will discover.

Classroom Routine:
  • Come to class prepared with pencils, agenda, binder, and independent reading book.

  • Assignment from the board into your agenda book.

  • Hand in any homework that is due.

  • Look to see what the Do Now is:  Sustained Silent Reading, MUGS Problems, Open Responses, Journal Prompts, etc.

  • Let's get busy!