• Be prepared - bring what you need to be successful
  • Make a positive contribution - take an active role, help all to succeed, treat others with respect
  • Once an assignment has been returned to the class, missing work must be completed in room 404 
  • Work that is passed in on time may be revised, revisions must be completed in room 404
  • Be responsible for your own learning - stay for extra help when needed 
  • After school help days - Monday, Thursday and by appointment

2016-2017 courses:

Ecology is a full year course which encourages students to work collaboratively, gather and analyze data, and draw and communicate conclusions based on evidence. Students explore the PVRS campus wetland and forest on a regular basis, it is an expectation that they be appropriately dressed to go outdoors on long block days.  Topics of study include: the nature of science, factors affecting biodiversity and populations, the cycling of matter and flow of energy among organisms in an ecosystem, human impact on Earth systems, and global climate change.

AP Environmental Science is a rigorous full year environmental inquiry course for juniors and seniors.  Students identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and human-made, they also explore the PVRS campus wetland and forest on a regular basis. Topics of study include: geology, climate, ecosystems, population dynamics, land and water use, energy resources and consumption, pollution and global change; sustainability is a yearlong theme.

Environmental Science B is a semester long environmental inquiry course for juniors and seniors.  Students explore the PVRS campus wetland and forest on a regular basis.  Topics of study include: energy resources and consumption, pollution and global change, and current Issues in environmental science.