WOFA Dance & Drum Company

WOFA DRUM & DANCE COMPANY was founded in 2009  by Kabisko Kaba (Bisko) and continues to be a source of inspiration for PVPA students to learn about the rich culture and heritage of Guinea, West Africa. WOFA is a Sousou word which means, LETS GET TOGETHER which expresses our vision to reach out into the community to share our culture and art.  Part of WOFA’s mission is to share their cultural knowledge with the larger community through performances and workshops at schools and other cultural organizations.  WOFA has performed at many locations including the Gorse School, Monson High School, Westfield University and 10 Thousand Villages. This year WOFA is intending to travel to Guinea during Paideia for a cultural dance and drum intensive. 

Bisko came to the U.S. in 1998 with his world renowned dance company Les Merveille de Guinea debuting in New York and touring throughout the U.S.A for over five years, during this time Bisko taught in numerous schools and community centers thrilling audiences with his boundless energy and skillful dancing, acting, drumming and singing. As a teacher Bisko is known for his passion for the arts and demonstrated commitment to excellency in his choreography and storytelling. 

See WOFA in Guinea, West Africa on their recent Paideia trip with Bisko.

WOFA Takes Guinea