This course examines the relationship between you and the person of God and through his communication with you in words (the Bible) and incarnation (Jesus Christ).

In doing so we will look at how God seeks relationship with each of us, how God’s creative power lies within all of us since we are made in God’s image, and how God through Christ established his church (and what that means for us).

Our course has three parts:
Who is God? Who are we?

We will begin the course looking at creation, the history of God’s love for and communication with us, our responses to his call. We will review mankind’s long search for meaning in existence and how that search is made harder by our distance from God. We will discover how God has patiently built the foundations for a right relationship with him.
Jesus (The Way)

We will learn that knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus is important for moral decision-making and a generous attitude towards others. We will learn about the importance of social justice by applying the teachings of Jesus to the modern world particularly in the treatment of the poor and our use of the environment.
We will discuss the four gospels as testimonies of faith in Jesus and an invitation to grow toward complete people. The gospel stories (the “good news”) will be studied as a way to know God’s saving love and as an essential ingredient in Christian prayer and worship.

We are the Church

We will learn about the various ways in which the Church expresses itself as the “people of God” especially through the examples of the saints. We will identify and describe the role the sacraments and study the main creeds of the Church. We will study the main social teachings of the Catholic Church with a focus on real life examples and applications.

We will also learn about the stages of mental and physical development throughout the life span. We will examine healthy patterns of relating with a focus on intimacy and the resolution of conflicts. We will learn about the sacredness of the human person, body and spirit from conception until natural death.