PE Syllabus

Pine View Middle School Physical Education

Intermediate Fitness, Participation Skills, Weight Training, Body Toning


In the 8th and 9th grades, students work on skill development, knowledge of rules and regulations of team and individual sports/activities and understanding the body and its functions through physical exercise.

Attendance: P.E. is a participation class:

·      In order to receive points, each student must be in class, participating in the activities.

·      Every day is considered a test or assignment and must be made up if missed.

·      PE make-up is available when classes are missed.  Students may write an essay on a healthy lifestyle article that they read.  Exact instructions are available from the teacher or on

·      Extended circumstances that arise will be evaluated on an individual basis, we want you to succeed.

Non-participation/PE Dress Code:

·      Each student must be dressed in PE clothes every day.

·      REQURIED PE CLOTHES—please follow the guidelines below:

·      Different set of clothes than those worn the rest of the school day


Clean socks and tennis shoes (closed toe & heel) shoelaces will be fully laced and tied tight! 

·      NO boxers, sleeveless shirts, denim shorts/pants, pajama/surgical bottoms

·      NO dangling/ hanging jewelry is to be worn during class.  

·      NO GUM in the gym, weight room or locker rooms at all!

Locker Room/Hygiene:

The locker room must be kept clean at all times.

·      Whenever a student leaves the locker room the lock provided must be placed on the locker AND LOCKED.


·      Daily showers are recommended. Please provide personal items to make this process as easy as possible.

·      Because of the carpeting in the locker room, do not bring white stick deodorant.

·      Lost locks will be $7.50 each before another lock will be issued

Grading Procedures

§  15 Points per day for participation and preparedness.

§  Showering is 5 points extra credit. If you shower just inform your teacher before you leave class.

§  Tardies will be a loss of 3 participation points.

§  For behavior incidents points will be taken depending upon severity.

§  There will be written work, tests and assignments in all PE classes given throughout the semester.

Citizenship will follow the school-wide citizenship rubric

Scott Henrie:           Kathy Higgins:  

Chris Brinagh: 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the semester


Pine View Middle School

PE Syllabus Parent Sheet


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