Homework Assignments

This page is for students and parents to check for homework assignment and become more organized throughout the year.
THE 2ND GRADE SPARK BINDER is for YOUR STUDENT, FAMILY, AND TEACHER as a form of communication. It includes;  homework, two-way communication from home to school, class work, and reading log. PLEASE RETURN THIS BINDER IN THE BACKPACK EVERYDAY OF SCHOOL. This is vital for the success of your student.

Please follow the tab instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact me any time at jziegler@pvschools.net


Red: Homework-keep your homework behind this tab. Complete your homework everyday or during the weekend. Return the homework on Friday morning.

Clear: Home Communication-families and teacher can communicate on any behaviors, vacations, appointments, etc... in this area.

Blue: Reading-This area is used to keep your reading log. This is required! You must read between 15-20 minutes every night of appropriate reading material. Books you choose should be "just right" for you. Then, you will log the date you read, book or chapter, write a sentence about the book, and have a parent initial on the side to verify you did this work. 
Be aware: NO A.R. TEST CAN BE TAKEN AT HOME. So, if you finish a book at home and are ready to take that test, then wait until you come back to school. 

Orange: Core Knowledge-This will hold important work for student about the Core Knowledge subjects we will encounter during the year. Please keep this inside your binder at all times. 

Yellow: For Keeps-This year your student will be completing amazing work. Please keep this section available for bragging rights. I can't wait to see all the fabulous work they will complete!

One more note: If your binder becomes too stuffed full, take out the older For Keeps and keep it in a safe place at home. Maybe your family can have a 2nd grade treasure chest at home to save all the amazing work you have accomplished.



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Homework Links

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Soon to come. But for now, visit the link, "Useful Links". 

SpellingCity/Vocabulary City: http://www.spellingcity.com/
Paradise Valley Student Homework Sites: http://www.pvschools.net/homeworkSites.htm

See "Class Announcements"

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