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Dress Code

Vista Verde Middle School

Vista Verde is a place of learning; therefore, appropriate attire, hair color, jewelry, and hairstyles are required. Decisions as to the appropriateness of dress rest with any staff member. Students in violation of the dress code will be sent to the SAC room and will be required to change into appropriate clothing.

By state law, appropriate shoes must be worn at all times.

Shirts and blouses must have at least 2-1/2 inches of coverage at the of the top shoulder. Anything less is considered a tank top. Necklines may be no lower than 
2-1/2 inches when measured from the bottom of the neck or collarbone.

Shirts must cover the waistline of shorts, slacks, and skirts with no midriff or back skin showing at any time. Tank tops, backless or halter tops, sheer garments, and torn or cut garments are not permitted. Any clothing allowing undergarments to show is inappropriate.

Shorts and skirts must pass the “fingertip rule” which means they must be no shorter than where the students fingertip touch the leg when the arm is naturally hanging straight down. Slits in skirts and shorts must also pass the “fingertip rule”.

"Sagging" is not allowed; pants must be worn at the waist and may not sag below the hip.

Garments, jewelry, or other personal items promoting alcohol, illegal substances, offensive pictures and/or sayings, or gang affiliation are not permitted. Chains around the neck, long chains on wallets or hanging from pockets, and spikes of any kind are not permitted. Any straps on pants that connect the waist to the leg are not allowed.

Hats and bandanas are not allowed at any time, and hoods are not allowed in the class room at any time.

Attire, hairstyles, or any unnatural hair color that attracts undue attention to the wearer and causes disruption in the school are not acceptable.

Any type of dress/attire that interferes with the learning of others is not allowed at any time.