All thoughts and opinions mentioned here do not represent the teaching of the CREST program. They are the personal opinion of the student, Tiger Stidnick.

Spring Break/ 4th Quarter

posted Mar 14, 2013, 6:24 PM by Unknown user

Spring Break will be here in the week after next. That is 9 days without school, it rocks! 3rd quarter ends this Friday (tomorrow), so that brings 4th quarter around! Then I am 1 quarter away from being a Senior! That will be awesome! At least in Senior year, it shouldn't be as hard as Junior year, which is a nice break, especially for a lot of my classmates. I have no plans over Spring Break, except staying up until the crack of dawn, then sleeping till the evening! Like a true High Schooler. Interesting current event today. It was taking a bipartisan view of the budget. I will not put his/her name on here because it takes too long to get permission, then I have to link the website, yada, yada, yada! Nearing the AP tests, those are going to be difficult. If I were to take each test for a class, I would have 4 AP tests, English, US History, Chemistry, and, per recommendation of Mr. Bernier, Environmental Sciences. I am not even planning on taking the Chemistry test, and the Environmental Sciences is a doubtful. A book we read in English, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is coming out to theaters soon, to be specific, the Midnight premier opens on the day the AP test is for English. I was planing on going to it, but when I heard this news I gave the priority to the AP test. Also, me thinking I am behind on Blog posts, when actually there are at least 2 of the other 6 in the class whom have 0 or 1. That is good, well for me it is. Still, I want to keep up with these next quarter, so don't let me forget! That will be all for this time. Thanks for reading!

AZ Envirothon

posted Mar 5, 2013, 6:39 PM by Unknown user

The time is nearing for when the Envirothon will happen. Not really, but that doesn't mean I can't be excited. It is some time is April I believe. This is a competition that the Juniors tagged into, as it originally was for the Sophomores. The reason we joined was because the people who said they were going to go, 5 of them decided not to, and us Juniors took that as an opportunity to join in. The team was already paid for, so that was a bonus for us. What happens is the people go into a group, somewhere near a damaged ecosystem. Then the teams compete to see who can come up with the best idea for how to fix this. It is perfect for the Sophomores, because they are in the Ecosystems class, and we are qualified because we took that class previously. We hope this will be fun, but we get to go on a trip, which is almost always fun. Still looking for an internship opportunity, seeing as how the deal with the Mayor's office, organized by Mr. Linda Coyle, seems like it isn't going to reward us with any internships. I am hoping to find somewhere to go into Arizona Game & Fish, in which my step father works in. I am really glad they are having us do this for school, because it will look great on our resume, but also it will be a fun, and knowledgeable experience. It will give us the idea of what it will be like in the real, potentially corporate, work force. And hey, a little experience almost never hurts anyone. Thanks for reading, and keep on keeping on. 

Dow Jones Index

posted Mar 5, 2013, 5:32 PM by Unknown user

Sorry folks, but vlogs will be delayed for a little bit longer. I have come into a few problems, the main one being the OS (Operating System) on one of the laptops i use crashed, so I will be restricted to every other weekend posting one, which I will try to keep up with. I will also be posting normal text blogs to catch up, due to how I am a little behind, but I will be doing a regular of 2 vlogs to keep up with the norm. To get to the actual topic of this post, the Dow Jones Index stock has reached an all time high at 14,253.77. This surpasses the previous set in 2008, before the recession happened. This is a great thing, showing that we are coming back from this recession. Also, house prices rose about 9.7% since January 2012. This is showing that a large part of our economy, houses, is coming back as well. Unemployment is still too high, but many are hopeful that it will start going down. These feats are not caused by any one person, one administration, or one party, but a bipartisan effort. Though this is good, I am fearful of this being a repeat of the recession, the economy and middle class are on top of the world, only for a combination of a bunch of bad things happening, and then a recession happens, or, even worse, a depression. I think if this were to truly happen, it would be worse than the previous one, but I am not economically knowledgeable enough to know when, why, where, or how bad this will be, but I hope it wont get worse than the Great Depression. This may sound gloom, but I am NOT hoping this will happen, I just believe it is a possibility, and I hope a slim one. That will be it for today, and always remember. You gotta' fight, for the right, to party!


posted Feb 12, 2013, 5:31 PM by Unknown user

Look at this weather! I call it beautiful, while others hate it. I am a New York guy, so I guess I am used to the cold. SMART Competition is on hold, awaiting instructions for the Baseline Audit. All dates have been pushed back, which gives us more time for Forestry. Current events are back on schedule, which is always good. We all know we need to stay on task with all we try to get don in one semester. Working on proposal presentation for STEM, have to go. Expect a vlog next time!

Time's Running Out...

posted Nov 27, 2012, 4:41 PM by Unknown user

Only 3 weeks left in the semester, and it's obvious. People are getting anxious for break, people are getting stressed, and Sustainability has taken on another project. We have scrapped the semester research project, but picked up another project. We, as a class, are going to check the efficiency of our school, and propose either an idea or findings to the governing board on ways to increase efficiency. This will be taxing, seeing as how there is much to do with a small timeframe. We are finishing our observations by the end of class tomorrow. Guiding questions are due at the beginning of class Thursday. Literature reviews will be due Monday, and 2 are needed each. The rough draft of our poster is due Friday the 7th, end of class. The hypothesis is due at the end of class Tuesday the 4th. There is nothing set out for the rest of the lab, seeing as how we don't know exactly what we are doing. Finals are coming soon, and it will be interesting to see how it is with A-B scheduling, though I heard there is no final for my English class, which is A day. That is promising, because the final for that teacher is very difficult, 100-200 Vocab words, an essay, and a close reading final. Both the vocab and cose reading one day, which is quite a doozy. I have had my math teacher before, so I know what that final will be like. My History final I have no idea about, because this is his first year teaching this school. I don't even know if there is a final for that class, hopefully not. My AP Chemistry class, as of now, has no final, as the teacher is still accessing his options on what we will do, seeing as how we have had no tests in the class. Hopefully it will be a lab final, because that would be easier than a written, and more fun. Sustainability final is usually the presentation for Semester Research, but since we do not have that, I have no idea what it will be. The presentation of our new project to the Governing Board will be January 10, 2013, though we aren't going to work on it over winter break and need it printed by the 14th of December. That will be it for today, thanks for reading.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

posted Nov 19, 2012, 4:44 PM by Unknown user

Yes you heard it, the winter holidays are approaching. Even though Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, this Thursday, the Christmas hype has started. Biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is only 4 days away. Check out this video for an example of how crazy people can get for a few deals. Even though most of the sales start earlier in the week and continue on to the next week, this madness is still happening. Don't go out Black Friday shopping. Stay in with your family, friends, or whomever you are spending the holidays with, even if it is yourself. Wait until Sunday or Monday to go shopping, as most deals will be the same. If you want, you can even check before to see if the deals have already started. As for Christmas shopping, get out as soon as you can, the later it is, the higher the chance they will be out of stock, higher prices, or mobbed. Also, you don't have to go super elaborate on gifts, simple things with sentimental meaning will be a great gift for most family members or friends, most don't want you to go out and gouge yourself for a stupid trinket that will break in a few years. On a CREST note, the teachers and higher staff met on Friday to discuss the future, some changed were made to the schedule. STEM collaborative was moved to Freshmen year, first semester, so they have a class first semester for Sustainability. Also, any of the 3 major AP sciences can be taken instead of just chemistry Junior and Senior year. Along with that, the AP agriscience (I believe) can be taken without taking the class, seeing as how that is similar to what we learn in Sustainability. Some rome is freed for electives, possibly, Senior year as well, so everybody is happy about that. I just want to see about getting out of the level 3 foreign language, seeing as how for most Universities, excluding some, only require 2 years of language, and the one I'm planning on going to, NAU, only requires 2. If that is taken off my schedule, I could possibly have 2-3 electives. Furthermore, Internships/Projects can be taken over the summer, freeing up the 2 blocks taken by that, 1 each semester. From what I have noticed, that MAY give room for half days, in which I would thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for reading!


posted Nov 14, 2012, 4:39 PM by Unknown user

Thanksgiving is coming up next week, very excited. Only chance I get to see some of my relatives who live in New York, so it is a good chance for a sort of "reunion." My favorite part is the mashed potatoes. Unlike a lot of people, the turkey to me isn't that important. It is to be there, but the turkey I always get is very good. But mashed potatoes, those I am particular about. I hate having instant potatoes on Thanksgiving. My family usually makes their own mashed potatoes, and they are delicious. Sorry for all this and the previous post being about holidays, but they are so closely knit. My Birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and 1 day, so I am excited. It will be my 16th birthday, of legal age to have a license, but I haven't gotten my permit yet, so I can't get my license until 6 months after getting that. And just 19 days after my birthday is the big one, Christmas. I am hoping more relatives come in for that than last year, because only 1 came in last year. Now to get onto the topic for school which, as you can see, I cannot elaborate on as much as out-of-school topics. Mr. B has been sick yesterday and today, though he came to school today. He sounds really bad, so he made sure to keep his space from us. We started a brochure for the Sustainability class to hand out at events. It will be on the "topic" of energy savings, and have a lot of good ideas/fixes to a lot of energy problems in houses, and can save consumers a lot of money. We are hoping this will get us "out there" a little bit more at the events, because our numbers have been lacking. It will include a checklist, as well, in which parents or future students can go around their house to see how efficient their house is. Expect a post by/on Friday with this brochure. Students are also going to take the brochures, and evaluate their own homes. I think this will be very interesting to Mr. B, and the students, to see each other's "home audit." Anyone reading this, make sure to go to the class's Facebook page linked here. That will be it for today. Thanks for reading.


posted Nov 14, 2012, 4:26 PM by Unknown user

Halloween was yesterday, I didn't do anything, except handing out candy. Class is working on a Hurricane Sandy project, in which we hypothesized about what would happen. Also, we then showed reasons why we said that, and what happened. The classes, both Juniors and Sophomores, collaboratively worked on a presentation in which we summarized out hypothesis, and reasoning. It turned out pretty well, we all had the chance to look at one another's, and see what level we all are on. We also started a project in which each person got a part of the "what is the smart grid." I am in the group in which there are 2 people, the only group with more than one. This project is really fun. The posted picture is an example of the smart grid. Pretty much the basics are on what it is are that it makes the relationship between power company and consumer more closely knit. Sorry for the late post.


posted Oct 28, 2012, 6:13 PM by Unknown user

Fun weekend. Went down to Flagstaff, Arizona, and had a ball. Went to a RCPM, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, concert at the Orpheum. Then went down to a small town called Crown King, about 25 miles of dirt road off the I-17. Also, just posted the RMI assignment, seeing as how I left Friday a little after school, and got back 30 minutes ago. Now I am doing a blog post, then studying for APUSH. This week in Sustainability class, we will be working on "Transmission of Energy" all about energy infrastructure, the less talked about part of the energy industry. It should be interesting, because I was getting bored of the forms of energy. The Energy sheets were scraped, seeing as how Mr. B didn't realize how much work they were, and how it would take the whole class one day, the whole 90 minutes ish of class, to finish one of the 12 documents. Glad that happened, because it was quite tedious. We are currently in the Data Collection section of the semester research project. I feel bad for the people whom have STEM Collaborative this semester, seeing as how they have the English/APUSH, Sustainability, and STEM research projects all at once. I am lucky to get it next semester, though I have the other hard classes this semester. Well, you cant pick your schedule, unfortunately. There will be no picture today, because my sister, with her video streaming and her Iphone, draining all the Wifi, it is impossible to open any google image pages, but expect one next time. I think I will end it at that, goodbye reader(s).

Field Trip!

posted Oct 24, 2012, 3:56 PM by Unknown user

Today marked the day the Sustainability class, and Biotech class, went on our field trip to the Ethics Symposium at the Tempe Center of the Arts hosted by ASU's Lincoln Ethics Center. Everyonehad a blast! And we also got to miss all but 30ish minutes of school, so that was a bonus. There were 4 speakers, one on Colorism in Local news, one on Cheating in Video Games (my personal Favorite), one on the cost of the war and warcheating, and the last pro-cheating. They were all interesting, and all the presenters seemed really passionate about their topic. This was the third annual event, and I am hoping we get to go again next year. The past couple days Mr. B has been gone was pretty much catch-up work on any portfolio thing, research project thing, or other class thing. It was fun, but now Mr. B is back, so back to work. AIMS makeups are going on now, tomorrow is last day for it, finally. Then there will be no more annoying announcements about it, and we get to go back to our history class, seeing as how the History classrooms are being used for the testing. Since these are makeups, we do not get the AIMS time off, but come February, when the AIMS for the Freshmen/Sophomores, I get all 4 days, 3 in a row then science on its own, as late start. It is like a half day, only reverse. Class starts at 10:30 or 11:30, I don't remember, and end same time. This means I get to sleep in, and have lunch before I go to school, even though there is lunch set aside. That will be it for today, and as always, stay classy Phoenix.

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