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Welcome to the history and present days of Montana. This is where you can find information about Montana. Montana got its name from the Spanish word Montana meaning Mountain. Montana's nickname is the Treasure State and got it from Eastern Montana being the land of broad plains. The capital of Montana is Helena near''Canyon Ferry Lake'' along the interstate 15 in the National Forests. Its population is about 8 hundred thousand making it rank 41st out of the 50 states. The area is 147,046 hundred thousand square miles ranking it 44th out of 50.

Here is what the state flag looks like.

Montana State Flag

Here is what the state bird (The Western Meadowlark) looks like.

Picture of a Western meadowlark flying

Here is some information about the western meadowlark.

The Eastern Meadowlark is very similar to the Western Meadowlark. Where their ranges overlap, they are best separated by voice. Western Meadowlark has yellow throat extending slightly farther into face than Eastern. Male Dickcissel is much smaller with a conical bill and lacks white in the tail.

Here is what the state flower ( The Bitterroot) looks like.

Here is some information about the Bitterroot.

Long before explorers Lewis and Clark wrote about the beautiful purplish-pink flower of the bitterroot, Native Americans were using its roots for food and trade. Tribes dug up the roots and dried them so they could be kept and used for months. The root was too bitter to eat unless it was cooked, and it was usually mixed with berries or meat. An Indian story tells how the bitterroot came to be. It says the sun heard a mother crying because she couldn't find food for her family. The sun changed her tears into the bitterroot so she would always have food for her children. You can find the bitterroot growing near the mountains and boulders of western Montana in spring and summer. Mice love its leaves and seeds.