"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe" - John Muir, Conservationist
Andrew Bernier, B.A., M.Ed., 
 is the Sustainability Instructor for The Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology. Concurrently with working as the CREST Sustainability Instructor, he is a doctoral candidate for a PhD in Sustainability Education from Prescott College, focusing on communication of sustainability through curriculum. His completed educational background includes a B.A. in Environmental Studies focusing on Communication of Sustainable Development from Ithaca College and an M.Ed in Secondary Education with a science focus from Arizona State University. For a more detailed list of Mr. Bernier's work, click here.

Mr. Bernier is dedicated to establishing and providing the first every day comprehensive sustainability curriculum in public education. With the unique being of the sustainability program, Mr. Bernier will be focused on developing the program so that it takes on a "problem based projects" approach. It is his firm belief that the strength of sustainability instruction must come from incorporating the class into the community and bringing the community into the classroom. The instruction that will be provided will be focusing on developing skill sets that will make students not only decipher the complex interconnectivity of issues that the concept of sustainability will address, but also be active agents of change so that they have the immediate ability to implement the skills taught to make a more sustainable community. Active in the Phoenix metro area, Mr. Bernier continuously strives to make connections and partnerships with the academic, business, organizational and municipalities at the fore front of the sustainability movement. Mr. Bernier is very excited to be able to work with the students that enroll in the sustainability program and contribute to the development of CREST. To contact him, please visit the contact tab.

Linda M. Coyle, B.S., M. Ed., is the curriculum specialist for the CREST program.  As the former PVUSD Curriculum Specialist for K-12 Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Ms. Coyle brings a strong background in both curriculum and instruction to the CREST team.  For a more detailed list of Ms. Coyle's work, click here

A veteran teacher of 31 years, Ms. Coyle holds Elementary, Secondary and Community College certificates and is endorsed in all four above-stated curricular areas. Ms. Coyle served on the original steering committee for CREST, including the building design team; and spearheaded the Biotechnology and Sustainability curriculums along with Mrs. Marni Landry and Mr. Andrew Bernier, respectively.  Ms. Coyle’s expertise and years of professional networking have been invaluable to the CREST curriculum team.  Her professional connection to Arizona State University and her knowledge of science foundation programs, as well as her commitment to PVUSD in forging a strong K–12 STEM pipeline, make her one of the most valuable members of the CREST team. As a proponent of outdoor and environmental education, both Honeywell and the Valley Forward Association formally recognized Ms. Coyle’s contribution to sustainability education in the awarding of a “Crescordia”.  This prestigious award for environmental projects involved over 1200 students, over five years, in the completion of service learning projects in county, state and national parks.  Additional awards include; 2004 ASTA Middle School Science Teacher of the Year, and 2005 State Finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.