How To Use This Site

How to Navigate the CREST Sustainability Website

Thank you for visiting the CREST Sustainability website! There is a lot going on at this site as it is meant as the student portal for all assignments, resources and work postings, along with information for potential students, parents, administrators, organizations and the general public. As you will find, the site runs very deep with content, is linked to hundreds of external sites, and is in continuous development as our program grows, so you may come across a page which has yet to be completed.

The above horizontal navigation bar highlights the program as a whole. It gives a lot of information about different elements of the program, including the staff, links to videos & pictures as well as our community partnerships and more. For students, it also gives links to essential school resources such as the online email system and grades. 

The vertical column on the left hand site gives the specific details of each course, including syllabi, links to relevant web resources, daily assignments and research projects from prior classes. Also, students are able to have course specific conversations in group forums to address class specific concerns. At the top are the resources and documents that apply to all of the courses and are used from course to course, such as lab rubrics, research details and events requirements.

Some of the links are curriculum specific and require a school log-in to access, which is only available to students, teachers and administrators of Paradise Valley Unified School District. You can still request permission to access documents via google docs. If you have any questions, please visit the "contact" tab.