Energy Research

Communication of Sustainability in the Paradise Valley Unified School District


Abstract: Sustainability is a new concept that has gained much popularity and 
implementation recently. Paradise Valley Unified School District has already taken steps to implement sustainability to benefit the district. The schools in this district have been practicing sustainability, but it has not yet been effectively promoted. Sufficient marketing of these initiatives is vital to the advancement and innovation of the Paradise Valley Unified School District. The question that arises, then, is what does the district know about these initiatives, and what does it think about further advertising them? By using background research and interviews conducted by the students, the class reached the conclusion that the Paradise Valley Unified School district would benefit greatly from advertising these programs more effectively. Also, the class found that the district is genuinely trying to market these  initiatives. However, these marketing strategies are not being communicated effectively. After more research conducted through literature reviews and research, the class came to the conclusion that a website detailing all of its initiatives and programs is the first step that the district should take to be labeled a more “sustainable” school district. Modeling the idea off of  the Tempe  Union High School District’s Sustainability website, the class would like to propose this idea to the  school board. This website will help to effectively communicate these ideas to the students, parents, staff, and general public involved in PVUSD.