"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." 
    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader
Students are expected to maintain a role in the program that helps to enhance the promotion, functionality, organization and growth of the sustainability branch of CREST. These are assigned by preference by students filling out the form link below. These roles will be a part of the student's participation grade and each student is expected to have and maintain an assistantship. Assistantships are assigned for the academic year and cross over from Fall to Spring semesters. Requests to change will not be considered until the following academic year. Review of student work will be evaluated on a need be basis.

CREST Sustainability Assistantship Interest Form  (open in new tab)

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Assistantship TitlePositions AvailablePosition DescriptionCurrent Assistant
Assistantship TitlePositions AvailablePosition DescriptionCurrent Assistant
Youtube Manager  Manages Playlists for CREST Videos, and ensures they are properly formatted. Heather 
Twitter Handler Makes posts on Twitter on behalf of the sustainability members. Ivette 
Blog Police  Ensures blog posts are made on time. Sage 
Student Project Database Manager Manages the information from major projects on the Sustainability site, making sure the proper information is in place. (?) Alex B. 
Portfolio/ Google site Specialist  1 - 2 A google site expert, helps other students maintain and enhance their sites and reports any site feature updates. Jessie 
Current Events Coordinators  1 per class Schedules times for current event presentations, and make-up days. Nikita 
Facebook Manager  Makes posts on Facebook on behalf of the sustainability members. Tiger 
Web Technology Researcher Researches new forms of media to use in projects. Nick 
PVHS Resource Liason 1 - 2 Foster partnerships with other programs on the Paradise Valley High campus. Siboney 
Recruitment Team 2 - 3  A group that focuses on visiting middle schools to promote the program. Emily 
Higher Ed. Program Informers 1-2 Keeps current information on programs that support sustainability in colleges and universities. Alexandra 
Lab Equipment Manager  1 per class Makes sure that lab equipment is put away, stored in proper place and in working order. Reports and logs any faulty equipment. Robert, Kayla, Joseline 
Furniture Organizers 1 per class Ensures that desks, chairs, wall hangings, and non-lab equipment is organized, clutter free and in its proper place. Robert, Corey, Joseline 
CREST Garden Attendants 2 - 3 per class Keeps the CREST Garden in good health, including keeping weeds out of the garden, as well as pesticides/ herbicides, and waters any plants that may need the extra water. Jeremiah, Trey, Austin, Shantel, Briana 
Outside Event Coordinators  2-3 Informs other sustainability students about outside events, and coordinates carpools. (?) Adam, Tri, Matthew 
Video Editors 2 - 4  Edits videos for CREST Talks, current events, etc. Ryan, John, Andrew DLR 
Resident Zoologist  In the event of biological creatures that need to be fed and housing maintained, this person sees that those needs are met daily. Shantel 
Mentorship Police Ensures that mentorships are properly maintained. Yarentcy 
Showing 18 items