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“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” ~ Sir Isaac Newton, Scientific Renaissance Man

This is where students will find the brief listing for what is happening in the Honors Sustainable Water Use class each day, what the outside of class work is and what is due for each day. Also, supporting resources in the form of links to websites, pages and documents will be listed with what is to be worked on. For more specific details on what happens in class or for the outside of class work, please visit the specific dates you are looking for on the Honors CREST STEM Collaborative and click on "more details." 

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DateIn Class WorkOutside Class WorkDue TodayResourceResource
DateIn Class WorkOutside Class WorkDue TodayResourceResource
August 8, 2013 Building the Tower, Reflection, TED Video None Yourself! TED Talk - Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team  
August 9, 2013 Branch Posters (Who you are and who are others?) & Poster Share Review of Engineering Grand Challenges Website None Engineering Grand Challenges  
August 12, 2013 Complete posters, site structure  Continued Development of Portfolio None   
August 13, 2013 Complete site structure, get books @ 10 Read p. 1-4 w/ notes on google presentation Portfolio Development The journal vs. magazine guide  
August 14, 2013 Reinterpret figure 1.1 into your own words (pg. 3), Discourse practice - The validity of Wikipedia Read p. 5-10 w/ Notes on Google presentation Have read to p. 4 & Notes The CREST Ways of Discourse  
August 15, 2013 Creative thinking and brainstorming techniques, Public v. Peer - Scientific Journal Analysis, Write a literature review of journal article Read pg. 11-15, analysis of magazine and journal article Read p. 5-10 w/ Notes on Google presentation, Magazine and Journal Article Juxtaposition  Journal article  
August 16, 2013 L to J - Start of Topic Exploration, Maybe start of Literature Review Read pg 16-20, list potential research interests (if not completed in class) Journal Article analysis NPR Article - Long Awaited Lab-Grown Burger Is Unveiled In London  
August 19, 2013 Collaboration & narrowing of potential ideas for research.Ethics in research. Choose an ethics case study as a team. Read case, discuss (using rules of discourse). All ideas must be physically recorded. Prepare a written argument based on your group decision. Identify the stakeholders (who is affected by the decision), what are the effects on each stakeholder of your decision. What could be done additionally to improve the outcome for all/most stakeholders? What are the legal issues (look them up). Group Completion of Ethics Page, Read pg 21-25 Initial individual interests for research project Ethics Case Studies Ethics in Research Doc 
August 20, 2013 The nature of observation, Research topic introduction read pg 26-28 Ethics discussion posted on site ACT 1.3 Ethics Case Studies Sheet Team Norms Sheet (Copy 1 per team, all can edit, post to research components) 
August 21, 2013 Generating ideas Pg. 14 template read pg 29-31  Hamilton HIgh School Research Projects Brainstorming Ideas 
August 22, 2013 Project planning: Elaboration on group documents documents read pg 35-37  ShARK Project  
August 23, 2013 Blog, Project IDeas Sheet Fill In, L to J read pg 40-41 By end of class: rationales for 3 projects; individual and group Project Ideas Sheet  
August 26, 2013 Development of initial guiding questions and start of Annotated Bibliography  read pg 44-48, 1st contributions from each member Notes, Top 3 ideas on Collab Sheet CREST Sustainability Semester Field Research Project Annotated Bibliography Model Example 
August 27, 2013 (Early Release) Quanta Registration Read 51-53, emailing a professional template Major topic of research decided as a team   
August 28, 2013 Completion of Quanta Project Proposal, Triple Venn Breakdown of Competition, Anno Bib Addition read 57-59, writing hypotheses, 1st Secondary Addition to Annotated Bibliography Quanta Project Proposal   
August 29, 2013 Focusing preliminary research ideas (p. 14 in STEM) ~ Observation & Inferences. Start of Preliminary v Secondary read 60-62 hypothesis drafts Submitted Quanta Proposal, 1st Annotated Bibliography Addition Primary vs Secondary Juxtaposition  
August 30, 2013 Annotated Bibliography / Corresponding Source Notes ( Figures 3.4 & 3.6) read 67-69, proposal writing    
September 3, 2013 Annotated Bibliography to the max (goal is to get to 6 sources by tomorrow: 3 Primary & 3 Secondary) read 70-72, writing methods section, refine problem    
September 4, 2013 Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography Read pg 73-74, Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography   Lit Review Template  
September 9, 2013 Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography Read pg 75-76, Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography 6 Annotated Bibliography Additions Per Student How to find good resources Literature Review Model 
September 10, 2013 Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography Read pg 80-81, Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography    
September 11, 2013 Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography Read pg 82-83, Literature Review & Annotated Bibliography    
September 12, 2013 Focusing Preliminary Research Design & research design table (p14 & 33) Read pg 84-85, continue editing and adding to lit review Literature Review minimum 10 & Annotated Bibliography minimum 30 Blk 5 Peer Evaluation #1  
September 13, 2013 ASU School of Sustainability Presentation, Refining background research questions (p54) read pg 86-87, continue refining literature search    
September 16, 2013 Quanta/Chronus Update, Practice writing hypotheses (p63-65) Read 88-89, continue refining lit search Hypothesis Draft Team Evaluation #1 MSDS What's on the label 
September 17, 2013 Writing research proposal read pg 90-91, refine lit review/research problem  Elements of a research proposal  
September 18, 2013 Writing research proposal, legal documentation read pg 92, edit refine research proposal  Basic simplified proposal layout  
September 19, 2013 Experimental design, budget proposal read 93-94  Example of grant proposal budget  
September 20, 2013 Experimental design, budget proposal read 95-96 statistics    
September 23, 2013 Experimental design, budget proposal read 97-98, statistics    
September 24, 2013 Experimental design, budget proposal read 99-100 statistics Budget Proposal   
September 25, 2013 Research Proposal read 101, outliers, Research Proposal Parent Teacher Conferences,  Blk5 Appt for conference with Landry  
September 26, 2013 Research Proposal Research Proposal, read 102-103    
September 27, 2013 Experimental set-up read 104-105 standard deviation, experimentation Research Proposal Research Proposal Grading Rubric  
September 30, 2013 Experimental set-up read 106-107 varience, Experimental set-up  Blk 5 Peer/Self Evaluation #2  
October 1, 2013 Experimental set-up read 108, Experimental set-up    
October 2, 2013 Experimental set-up read 111-112 graphing, Experimental set-up    
October 3, 2013 Experimental set-up read 113-114 graphing, Experimental set-up  Critical Questions, Materials/Procedures, Presentation Points  
October 4, 2013 refine guiding questions read 115-116    
October 7, 2013 1) Biotech & Sustainability students are to head over to Mr. Howardell for the same safety training. Engineering students have already received it so they are to continue with project. Substitute must observe Mr. Howardell’s students and Bernier’s Engineering students (Monday Only) read 117-119  Proposal Planning  Sub Plans 
October 8, 2013 1) LtoJ Quiz #9 (Student Run) 2) Complete Materials List 3) Complete Procedure List read 120-121  Proposal Planning Sub Plans 
October 9, 2013 1) Complete research proposal draft. Due & posted to websites at the end of the day. Must be public and anyone can comment. read 122-123  Proposal Planning Sub Plans 
October 10, 2013 1) Peer Review ~ Group to Group Commenting. Please refer to the STEM Collab Group Projects Sheet for group numbers: Group 1 is reviewing Group 2 Group 2 is reviewing Group 3 Group 3 is reviewing Group 4 Group 4 is reviewing Group 5 Group 5 is reviewing Group 6 Group 6 is reviewing Group 1 read 124-125 Full procedure, materials & data tables ready Proposal Planning Sub Plans 
October 11, 2013 1) LtoJ Quiz #10 (Student Run) 2) Please take the Self & Peer Evaluation Form #2 3) Final Draft Work. Due 1st thing Monday Morning.  read 126-127, create ppt notes from reading Notes due nightly Proposal Planning Sub Plans 
October 14, 2013 1) Final complete research proposal due on all student websites under research components (public and commentable) 2) COMMENCE DATA COLLECTION!!!!  read 128, create ppt notes from reading Final Research Proposal Paper   
October 15, 2013 (Half Day) Continue Experimental Procedure read 131-132, create ppt notes from reading    
October 16, 2013 (11am Late Start) Continue Experimental Procedure read 133-134, create ppt notes from reading    
October 17, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 135-136, create ppt notes from reading    
October 18, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 137-139, create ppt notes from reading    
October 21, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 140-141, create ppt notes from reading    
October 22, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 155-156, create ppt notes from reading    
October 23, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 157-158, create ppt notes from reading    
October 24, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 159-160, create ppt notes from reading    
October 25, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 161-162, create ppt notes from reading    
October 28, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 163-164, create ppt notes from reading    
October 29, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 165-166, create ppt notes from reading    
October 30, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 167-168, create ppt notes from reading    
October 31, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 177-179, create ppt notes from reading    
November 1, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 180-181, create ppt notes from reading    
November 4, 2013 (Early Release) Continue Experimental Procedure read 182-183, create ppt notes from reading    
November 5, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 184-185, create ppt notes from reading    
November 6, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 186-187, create ppt notes from reading    
November 7, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure read 169-175, create ppt notes from reading All Data collected   
November 8, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure  Completed STEM Reading Presentation   
November 11, 2013 No School     
November 12, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure     
November 13, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure  Present & explain raw data (Landry)   
November 14, 2013 Continue Experimental Procedure     
November 15, 2013      
November 18, 2013      
November 19, 2013 Continued data collection & Individual group raw data update presentations, launch poster file (if not done so already)  Present & Explain Raw Data (Bernier) 24" x 36" Poster Template   
November 20, 2013 Finalizing Data Collection, Poster & Visual Presentation Outlining, Final Paper Outlining  Initatial poster draft Poster Feedback Form  
November 21, 2013 Finalized Data Collection, Poster & Visual Presentation Outlining, Final Paper Outlining     
November 22, 2013 Poster Group Work     
November 25, 2013 Final Poster Work  Final draft of poster (Both)   
November 26, 2013 Presentation Work  Class oral presentation w/ visual & class feedback (Landry) Oral presentation rubric  
November 27, 2013 No School     
November 28, 2013 No School     
November 29, 2013 No School  data analysis   
December 2, 2013 Presentation Work & Feedback  Class oral presentation w/ visual & class feedback (Bernier)   
December 3, 2013 Final Report Writing - Data Analysis, Conclusion, Error Analysis, Summary      
December 4, 2013 Final Report Writing - Data Analysis, Conclusion, Error Analysis, Summary   Research paper draft, complete. 1 hard copy/person, 1 electronic copy/team (Both) Peer review of paper document  
December 5, 2013 Peer Review of Papers Peer Reviews of other group papers    
December 6, 2013 Final Research Presentations & Discussions - Peer Assessment Final Paper Edits Peer reivews of research papers/hard copies Oral Presentation Rubric Form (Bernier Presentations)  
December 9, 2013 Final Research Presentations & Discussions - Peer Assessments  Final Paper Edits Final Research Presentations Oral Presentation Rubric Form (Bernier Presentations)  
December 10, 2013 Presentations Wrap-Up, Final Paper Edits Final Paper Edits Poster Presentations Evening STEM Presentation Night Voting  
December 11, 2013 Poster Presentation Practice & Planning, Final Paper Edits 530-8pm Formal Poster Presentation Blk 5: hand written journal Poster feedback form  
December 12, 2013 Final Touches and Submission of Report & Lab Books  Final draft of research paper & lab book   
December 13, 2013 Short Paper on next steps and direction of research in the field Complete Next Steps Piece Submission of Final Papers & Labs Books Group peer review #3  
December 16, 2013 Personal reflection essay (1~2 pages) None Follow-up paper describing the next logical step in research, Thank you notes in addressed envelopes. Next step in research instructions  
December 17, 2013   Personal reflection essay Personal Reflection Instructions  
December 18, 2013 Course Evaluation, Peer Review Evaluation #3 None Personal Essay & Next Steps Piece Bernier's End of course survey  
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