In Attendance:  Dr. Gasket, Chris Rossini, Diane Silvestri, Julie Salley, Doug Curry, Michael Linn, Marian Ouellette, Pat Kordelski, Kris Voll-Laound, Ian Deonise, Elaine Jacobs, Chris Maza, Erin Cunningham, Debbie Schmid, Melissa Topel, John Focht, Michelle Faudskar, Tami Taylor, Nancy Walker, Amy Marcus, Ralle Krenitz  Absent:  Jerry Withers

I.       Welcome/Check In
  • Dr. Gasket asked all to introduce themselves, and give any time restraints.
  • Dr. Gasket reviewed agenda with the members.  Suggested taking more than 1 straw model to Cabinet to be presented to the Governing Board during the Study Session in December.  
    • Also mentioned this should be the last meeting as the goal is to come to consensus.
II.     Review Straw Models and issues
  • Discussion and brainstorm:  Dr. Gasket asked all groups to report out on what the feedback was from respective groups.
    • Comments:
      • Explorer ending at 3:30; later start time for professional development
      • If it's not broken, don't fix it.
      • Okay with doing PLCs before/after school.
      • Lack of information is cause of not receiving support at this point.
      • Some 9:00 schools would prefer to have them in the morning.
      • 67% favorable responses to extend the school day from parent survey.
      • Some concern about affecting the instructional time.
      • Internal conflicts about principals calling meetings over teacher calling meetings.
      • Concern about the concept being viewed negatively from a marketing standpoint.
      • Much more enthusiasm for early releases rather than late starts because students tend to be freshest in the morning.
      • Concern if there is a late start that teachers may not return to their schools/classrooms on time.
      • Reminder that this model isn't intended to add instructional time; not significant impact on benefitting teaching time.
      • Concerns from teachers on the minimum requirement for compliance of IEPs.
      • If we alter the school day times, possibly move HS times later and ES times earlier.
      • Suggestion to add to the instructional day and embed PLCs at ES; MS/HS okay either way.
      • Probably need to be competitive with the new Basis School.
      • Keep up with the other districts and increase the school day length.
      • Transportation issues between picking students up in the dark; if we slip ES and HS hours, we would create several positions at ES.
III.    Additional "Straw Models"
  • Discussion and brainstormed additional straw models as a group.

IV.     Pros and Cons of all models
  • Committee members compared options against the brainstormed parameters/interests.    

V.      Report Out
  • The entire group compared all suggested options and came to consensus with 3 potential straw models:
    • Model A:  
      • 1 x month using staff meetings
        • 30 minute staff meetings
        • 1 1/2 hour PLC
      • 20 hour meetings used
        • Incorporate technology
      • (6) 1/2 days would remain
    • Model B:
      • 1 full day in beginning of the year dedicated to PLC
      • 10 principal meeting days = PLC days
      • (6) half days
    • Model C:
      • Extend the ES day by 30 minutes
      • Redistribute professional development days
        • Take 2 of the 5 days at the beginning of the year and 1 day from the end of the year for a total of 3 days (or 18 hours) that would be used throughout the year for PLC.  (Based on site decision)
      • Leave the (6) 1/2 days as is.
    • Additional points of clarification:
      • Would need approximate costs of transportation for an applicable models.
      • Would need to have discussions with principals prior to going forward.
      • Will recommend idea of extending the ES school day by 30 minutes with Cabinet.
      • Some ideas discussed will result in the need for bargaining.

VI.     Consensus on models to recommend
  • The entire group compared all suggested options and came to consensus with 3 potential straw models above.

VII.    Close

  1. Will take the 3 straw models and present to Cabinet.