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     I want to let you know my homework policy and also let you know what your students need to do in order to be prepared for future math classes.

     First, students need to consistently complete their homework in order to get the necessary practice to master math.  Math does not just involve learning math topics.  Math also involves learning problem solving techniques and procedures as well as math vocabulary and their definitions.  In other words, students need to learn the ideas of math, the skills of math, and the language of math in order to be successful, especially in advanced math classes.  This means that students need to practice (aka-do their homework) EVERY DAY.

     That brings me to my homework policy.  I assign homework nearly every day and I want my students to give their best effort when completing homework, which includes showing their work.  I do consider homework to be practice though, so I give my students the answers to their homework assignments as well as work out many problems with them in class.  They are allowed to work along with me, fixing their mistakes as we work together.  If they have any additional mistakes, I allow them a second evening to fix their mistakes and show the correct work.  Correcting their errors is essential so the students learn from their mistakes and learn how to do the problems correctly BEFORE the test. The homework assignments that are collected will be handed in after the students have had the chance to fix their mistakes.

For example, the lesson 11.1 homework in the 7th Grade Advanced classes is scheduled for Mon., March 21.  I expect the students to do their best and complete the homework that night.  We will grade the 11.1 homework on Tues., March 22 and I will give all of the answers to the students.  I will also help them finish the problems that were giving them difficulty.  On Tuesday night the students will fix the problems that were wrong (along with completing the new homework assigned on Tuesday).  They will hand in their 11.1 homework on Wed. March 23.  The students will need to have the homework finished and they will need to have all of their mistakes fixed with the correct work showing.                                                                                                                                 

     This means that the students have 2 days and 2 evenings to complete and correct each homework assignment.  They will be given the answers.  They will receive help so they have the opportunity to understand even the tough problems.  All students should receive 100% on every homework assignment.  The only reasons a student would lose points on homework would be:


1.    They didn’t do the homework.

2.    They didn’t show their work and just wrote down answers.

3.    They forgot to hand it in.

4.    They didn’t fix their mistakes and/or didn’t show the correct work.


     I believe this is a very generous homework policy that encourages students to get the necessary practice, encourages them to get help when necessary, teaches them the importance of improving their skills by learning from their mistakes, and motivates them to build the study habits that will serve them well in high school and beyond.  I would like to ask for your help by checking your student’s work to make sure they are consistently completing their homework AND showing their work too.  Hopefully the district will give me access to Infinite Campus by the end of the week, so please check your student’s grades online at least once per week to see if your student has any missing or incomplete assignments.  Your help at home is invaluable.

     Thanks in advance for your support and please email any questions you may have to me at: rpetersen@pvschools.net


Mr. Petersen





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