Rail Works Powered
by Union Pacific RR

Classes start Sept. 28, 2011!

Welcome to the Union Pacific switchyard where freight is moving in and out of the Valley 24-hours a day, seven days a week. From auto racks to the rip track, students will get a behind-the-scenes tour of how railroads function and play a key role in our daily lives using science and math. 

This class will culminate with PVschools Rail Day in downtown Phoenix where Union Pacific will have a vintage steam engine and modern diesel engine for families to tour. This class offering will be taught by PVschools staff members in partnership with Union Pacific Railroad. Classes will take place at school sites throughout the district, with the first portion of each class being broadcast live from the Downtown Union Pacific switchyard.

 All lessons will incorporate state standards, discrete mathematics and logic concepts.



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The Rail Works educational enrichment program was created and is presented by the Paradise Valley Unified School District, one of Arizona's most respected public school districts.

Questions? Contact the PVschools Community Ed Enrichment Office at 602.449.2209


 Union Pacific Railroad

Check out the Union Pacific Rail Road website!: www.up.com

The Living Legend —
Locomotive No. 844
"The last of the steam locomotives"

2011 PVschools • Union Pacific 

Family Rail Day Experience

Class participants and their families can see, in person, Locomotive No. 844, the last steam locomotive 
built for UP Railroad 

PVschools • Union Pacific 
Family Rail Day Experience, coming this fall!

Hailed as the "Living Legend", the engine is widely know among rail enthusiasts for its excursion runs over Union Pacific's fabled crossing of Sherman Hill between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. It weighs 454 tons, is 114 ft. in length, and has 14 wheels.