4th Grade Supply List


2 pocket folders, one red and one green

One 1 1/2”  3-ring binder (no zipper, no padding as desks have limited space)

2 pkg. of 5-tab notebook dividers

48 #2 plain yellow pencils (NO mechanical pencils). Ticonderoga brand is best.

2 glue sticks (one to be shared with class)

1 pair 5” sharp scissors

1 spiral notebook, wide-ruled

1 composition book

1 pkg. white, wide-ruled notebook paper

2 highlighters (any color)

1 box 8 broad tip markers (not permanent)

3 red pens

1 box colored pencils, sharpened

1 box 8-count crayons (no bigger!)

1 pink pearl eraser

1 centimeter/inch ruler

1 small pencil box, no larger than 8 ó x 5”

2 boxes facial tissues

1 pump bottle of soap or soap refill

1 box of ‘fat’ low-odor dry erase markers (black markers preferred)

1 container disinfectant wipes (Clorox type, generic OK)

Nice to have:

1 box all-purpose disposable cleaning pads (like Mr. Clean Magic

Eraser), generic OK

Pencil Top Erasers

We would also appreciate each family sending a check made out to Time for Kids in the amount of $5.42