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IT Essentials 2 - Student Selected Course Option for Project 2

Want to learn one of the below topics, delivered online free from universities?  Take the course and demonstrate your learning through a project in IT Essentials 2, while receiving high school credit from pvONLINE.  Study on.....

require no, or reasonable, prerequisites and of an appropriate duration.

Coursera Universities

PVUSD, pvONLINE and the IT Department are pleased to provide world-class content from world-class institutions as new opportunities for our students. Indeed, this is the future of education......MIT and Harvard couldn't have said it any better than in their below video.

Requirements of the "course" option for your second (and final) project of IT Essentials 2 are provided below.  By using Google Apps to embed what you learn from a free, online course from world-class institutions, you are provided the opportunity to complete your demonstration of learning.  Your performance in use of Google Apps is what's measured for your PVUSD/IT Essentials credit.

Student-selected course

You may select one of the Coursera/edX courses as the theme of your second project for IT Essentials 2.  100% of your grade for this project will be based on the applied and creative use of Google Apps in demonstrating learned knowledge of your Coursera/edX selected course.  Assessments in your use of Google Apps will be based on the Project Scoring Rubric and will will occur at the approximate times noted in Project Checkpoints.  Your chosen Coursera/edX course must therefore be completed before project submission and before the end of the term.  Strict adherence to recording IT Essentials 2 course time, which includes time on this project (Google and Coursera/edX course) will be required.

Coursera/edX are free, online, courses provided by a collaboration of world-class institutions such as Princeton, University of Michigan, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and others (Coursera), and Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and others (edX).

If you are younger than 18 years of age, you will need parental approval to sign up for any course provided by Coursera or edX, including those that can serve Project 2 in IT Essentials 2.  There are multiple levels of participation within the Coursera/edX courses and the level of participation is entirely up to you.  Therefore, obtaining any record of completion/certificate for said level of participation in the course is between you and Courser/edX (see documentation at Coursera/edX web sites).

It should be noted that Coursera/edX courses are of a high academic caliber.  Those PVUSD students with high academics and/or a high interest in the course content should do well.

Cultivating world-class thinkers

PVUSD is on a mission of "Cultivating world-class thinkers".  By encouraging access to world-class content and some of the best and brightest minds in the world through Coursera/edX, PVUSD is providing an unparalleled opportunity of choice for our students.  In May 2012, edX was launched by the Presidents of both Harvard and MIT forming this historical partnership. The President of edX (Anant Agarwal) noted in the opening when referring to online education, "...this is the single biggest change in education since the printing press".  The efforts by these institutions constitute a natural act of progress brought on by the Internet and technology, and embodies the spirit of public education.  pvONLINE is excited that missions align.

For a complete listing, see Coursera courses or edX courses.

Read more on this movement of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's) as exemplified by Coursera and edX.