PVHS Teaching Staff Members and Websites 2017-2018

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Phone: (602) 449-7000 + staff member's extension listed below
Instructor Name     ExtensionVoice Link Extension SubjectWebsite

72509MathematicsVisit Site
449-700072510Social StudiesVisit Site
449-700072511PV OnlineVisit Site
R550 - 97039
R13 - 72512
Fine Arts/CeramicsVisit Site
Bookbinder, Johanna  449-7000 72565 SPED Site Coming Soon
72592Mathematics/STUGOVisit Site
 Brandell Melendez, Christine 449-7000 72442 Social Studies Site Coming Soon

449-700072527EnglishVisit Site
Site coming soon
 Clute, Greg 449-700072591  Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS) Site Coming Soon
449-700075811Special Ed/Mathematics/PESite coming soon
449-700072554Special EdSite coming soon
449-700072572Mathematics - IDLVisit Site
449-700072573P.E.Visit Site
449-700072518ScienceVisit Site
449-700073781Band/Fine ArtsVisit Site
449-700072521Social StudiesVisit Site
449-700072596Choir/Fine Arts - IDLVisit Site
 Ebel, Kaitlyn 449-7000 72724 English/ESL Site Coming Soon
449-700072524Social StudiesVisit Site
449-700072574MathematicsVisit Site

449-7000 76284Special Education Site coming soon 
449-700072575P.E.Site coming soon
 Gaballa, Mohammed 449-7000 72726 Computer Science Visit Site
449-700072576EnglishVisit Site
449-700072525Dance/Fine ArtsSite coming soon
449-700073847EnglishVisit Site
449-700076901CRESTSite coming soon
449-700073778Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)Site coming soon
 Gomez, Mary 449-700073867 Structure English Immersion (SEI) Site Coming Soon
449-700072528ScienceVisit Site
449-700072595Jobs for Arizona Graduates (JAG) Visit Site
449-700073841World LanguageVisit Site
  Hansen, Brittany449-700072542  Mathematics Site Coming Soon
449-700072691EnglishVisit Site
449-700073840EnglishVisit Site
 Henningsen, Delany

449-700072540  ScienceSite Coming Soon
449-700072901Special EdSite coming soon
449-700073763Social StudiesVisit Site
449-700076902CREST CoordinatorVisit Site
449-700072268Special Ed EnglishVisit Site
449-700072577Special Ed EnglishVisit Site
449-700073866 Culinary ArtsVisit Site 
449-700072532Science/IDLVisit Site
449-700072531Graphic Design/Photography/CTESite coming soon
449-700072534Welding/Robotics/CTE IDLVisit Site 
449-700072507 Auto/CTESite coming soon
 Lake, Elizabeth 449-700072588  English Site Coming Soon
449-700072535CREST/BiotechnologyVisit Site
449-700072580CREST/BiotechnologyVisit Site
449-700072536Health Care/CTE-HOSAVisit Site
449-700072589World Language - IDL
449-700073779MathematicsVisit Site
449-700072581Social StudiesVisit Site
449-700073843P.E.Visit Site
449-700072590P.E.Trojan Basketball Site
449-700072539MathematicsVisit Site
449-700072766 EnglishSite coming soon
449-700072582Special EdVisit Site
449-700073844Athletic Director/P.E.Site coming soon
449-700073872MathematicsVisit Site
449-700072543Structure English Immersion (SEI)Site coming soon
449-700072545TV Production/Sound Engineering/CTESite coming soon
449-700072583Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS)Visit Site
449-700072548Woods/CTESite coming soon
449-700072584Health CareersSite coming soon
449-700072549EnglishVisit Site
449-700072310Social StudiesSite coming soon
449-700073873EnglishVisit Site
 Rohde, Angela449-7000  76900 IT Specialist/ Media CenterVisit Site 
449-700072551EnglishVisit Site
449-700072550EnglishVisit Site
449-700072552ScienceVisit Site
449-700072553EnglishVisit Site
449-700073861Special EdVisit Site

449-700072533MathematicsSite Coming Soon
Schneider, Benjamin  449-700072538  Mathematics Site Coming Soon
 Setton, Jacqueline449-7000 72530CREST/ Engineering Class Website
CREST Engineering
449-700072597Social Studies - IDLVisit Site
449-700072556Science LiasonSite coming soon
449-700072579Drama/Fine ArtsVisit Site

449-700072559ScienceVisit Site
Stones, William  449-7000 73537 Forensics/CTESite Coming Soon
 Swanson, Chris449-7000 72585 Science Site Coming Soon
449-700073845Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS)/Preschool - IDLVisit Site
449-700072065Academic Support SpecialistSite coming soon
449-700072586World Language/Marketing/CTEVisit Site
449-700073300Fine Arts/ArtSite coming soon
449-700073862Academic Support SpecialistSite coming soon
449-700072547MathematicsVisit Site
449-700073846MathematicsVisit Site
449-700072587ScienceVisit Site
 Venter, Anita

449-7000  GenYES/Programming  Visit Site
449-700072564CRESTVisit Site
449-7000 73863Special EdSite coming soon 
449-700072568MathematicsVisit Site
449-700072569World LanguageVisit Site
MathematicsVisit Site
449-700072473ScienceSite coming soon
449-700072570English - IDLVisit Site