PVHS Teaching Staff Members and Websites 2017-2018 (In progress)

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Phone: (602) 449-7000 + staff member's extension listed below
Instructor Name     ExtensionVoice Link Extension SubjectWebsite
3703972509MathematicsVisit Site
3707372510Social StudiesVisit Site
97010 76900CTE GenYES/Media CenterVisit Site
4702172511PV OnlineVisit Site
R550 - 97039
R13 - 72512
Fine Arts/CeramicsVisit Site
R202 - 37059
R10 - 37030
72592Mathematics/STUGOVisit Site

3707572527EnglishVisit Site
TBA (English Instructor)

3708272724English/GermanVisit Site
Site coming soon
3701675811Special Ed/Mathematics/PESite coming soon
3709572554Special EdSite coming soon
3703772572Mathematics - IDLVisit Site
9708572573P.E.Visit Site
4705072518ScienceVisit Site
9706473781Band/Fine ArtsVisit Site
3707072521Social StudiesVisit Site
R550 - 97039
R551 - 97037
72596Choir/Fine Arts - IDLVisit Site
3706072524Social StudiesVisit Site
3703472574MathematicsVisit Site

47060  76284Special Education Site coming soon 
4702572575P.E./Driver's EDSite coming soon
3707972576EnglishVisit Site
4702772525Dance/Fine ArtsSite coming soon
3705173847EnglishVisit Site
9707776901CRESTSite coming soon
9708373778Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)Site coming soon
4700372528ScienceVisit Site
4702472595Jobs for Arizona Graduates (JAG) Visit Site
9705373841World LanguageVisit Site
3708172691EnglishVisit Site
3707873840EnglishVisit Site
3705372901Special EdSite coming soon
3706273763Social StudiesVisit Site
9210276902CREST CoordinatorVisit Site
3708572268Special Ed EnglishVisit Site
3705472577Special Ed EnglishVisit Site
9709273866 Culinary ArtsVisit Site 
4704572532ScienceVisit Site
3702472531Graphic Design/Photography/CTESite coming soon
TBA (Math Instructor)

3703272533MathematicsVisit Site
R11 - 47093 R14 - 3701772534Welding/RoboticsVisit Site 
TBA (Computer Science)
4706172726Computer ScienceVisit Site
9704272507 Auto/CTESite coming soon
4706472535CREST/BiotechnologyVisit Site
4706372580CREST/BiotechnologyVisit Site
3703872536Health Care/CTE-HOSAVisit Site
37089/3704972589World Language - IDL
TBA Forensics Science
37008/9702972537CTE/ForensicsVisit Site
3704073779MathematicsVisit Site
3703372538 MathematicsVisit Site
3707172581Social StudiesVisit Site
9704173843P.E.Visit Site
9705872590P.E.Trojan Basketball Site
3703172539MathematicsVisit Site
TBA Chemistry Instructor
R414 - 47048
R410 - 37094
72540ScienceVisit Site
3708372766 EnglishSite coming soon

TBA Physics Instructor
4705172585Science   Site coming soon
TBA FACS Instructor

3700972591Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS)Site coming soon
3704172582Special EdVisit Site
97033/9708573844P.E.Site coming soon
TBA Math Instructor 

3703672542MathematicsSite coming soon
3705873872MathematicsVisit Site
TBA Economics Instructor

3706672442Social StudiesVisit Site
9706572543Structure English Immersion (SEI)Site coming soon
3705572544MathematicsVisit Site
9709072545TV Production/CTESite coming soon
47007/3702772583Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS)Visit Site
TBA Engineering Instructor

4706572530CREST/EngineeringVisit Site
3701272548Woods/CTESite coming soon
3709072584ScienceVisit Site
3708672549EnglishVisit Site
TBA English Instructor

 37087 72588 English Website
9704772310Social StudiesSite coming soon
3708873873EnglishVisit Site
3707672551EnglishVisit Site
3704872550EnglishVisit Site
3706772552ScienceVisit Site
3708472553EnglishVisit Site
9704673861Special EdVisit Site
TBA ESL Instructor

3704573867Structure English Immersion (SED)Site coming soon 

3703572555MathematicsVisit Site
TBA Biology Instructor 

4708672558ScienceSite Coming Soon
3706472597Social Studies - IDLVisit Site
3709872556Science LiasonSite coming soon
4708672579Drama/Fine ArtsVisit Site
Visit Site
4704672559ScienceVisit Site
TBA Special Ed Instructor

37065 73874Special EdSite coming soon 
9707273845Family And Consumer Sciences (FACS)/Preschool - IDLVisit Site
4700472065Academic Support SpecialistSite coming soon
37099/3705072586World LanguageVisit Site
3709673300Fine Arts/ArtSite coming soon
4704773862Academic Support SpecialistSite coming soon
3705772547MathematicsVisit Site
9703873846MathematicsVisit Site
4704972587ScienceVisit Site
4706872564CRESTVisit Site
TBA Special Ed Instructor

4709072565SPEDSite coming soon
97027 73863Special EdSite coming soon 
3704272568MathematicsVisit Site
3705672569World LanguageVisit Site
37061 73869
MathematicsVisit Site
3709272473ScienceSite coming soon
3707772570English - IDLVisit Site