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April 29, 2012

Hi Everyone !

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.  It is difficult to comprehend that May will be upon us on Tuesday. 


Upcoming Events:


Tues.                     Fiddle Fest

FFA Banquet

                             Track & Field Championships - HHS

Wed.                     FAC Meeting  2:10 PM

                             State Concert Festival

                             Fiddle Fest

                             Drama Production “Dreams”  NCHS  7:00 PM

Thurs.                             State Concert Festival

Faculty meeting in the cafeteria

Track & Field Championships - HHS

                             Spanish Honor Society Inductions

                             Governing Board Meeting

Fri.                       Choir Concert – Cafeteria  7:00 PM

Sat.                       Prom 



On Friday evening, our Freshmen CREST Biotechnology and Sustainability students presented their semester long research projects at ASU’s Sky Song.  Thoughout the semester, our students partnered with Quanta, a group of ASU Graduate Students, who mentored our students in their research projects.  Professors at ASU also participated in this project.  It was an amazing evening, seeing our students dressed up, presenting their projects to parents, ASU staff and invited guests.  Thanks to Linda Coyle, Marni Landry, Andrew Bernier and Jack Clark for facilitating this awesome partnership.  Below is a link to read about the project: 

Just wanted to let you know Quanta has its story run on ASU's News this week at the following link: 


We are also featured in ASU's "Pictures of the Week" here: 

This may be fun to share with your students and colleagues!

Thank you all, 




On Friday evening, CREST Biotechnology and Sustainability students presented their scientific research at a poster session at ASU Skysong. This poster session was attended by approximately 250 people. 


The semester long project was in conjunction with The Quanta Foundation, an organization designed and ran by ASU students to mentor high school students in authentic research. The project included a research paper, a podcast (published on iTunes), and a scientific poster. The students' research was also published in a hard copy anthology.


Our PV Students were OUTSTANDING; polite, professional, and prepared. 


The podcasts can be accessed at:



An electronic version of the published anthology may be downloaded at:



(picture of biotech attached)

Mrs. Landry, M.Ed.

Paradise Valley High School
CREST Biotechnology

 Science Dept. Chair/IDL
 Google Apps Certified, Biology Club





You can support Quanta by logging into the website below and voting for them to win a $10,000 prize.

Thank you for becoming a member of the 10,000 Solutions community. 10,000 Solutions is a place to showcase and collect innovative ideas that solve local and global challenges. It is an evolving experiment and we are excited to have you become a part of it.

You can log in to your account at http://10000solutions.org

Chris and Don,

I'm passing along a message that was sent to Dr. Lee by one of the judges at the recent High School Forensics Competition.  We appreciate your hard work and are very pleased to hear of the impression your students left on this judge.

Thank you!


Patrick Sweeney, Ed.D.

Dr. Lee,

I was one of the judges during the AZ State High School Forensics Competition held April 21-22 in Oro Valley. I wanted to let you know how outstanding your student team and their faculty were during competition. Your students did very well, but as important, they were delightful, polite, and charming young people. 

As an adjunct faculty at a university, I applaud your school district's support of this academic program. I see the intensity of the students as they engage in the science and math involved. As a retired senior manager of a Fortune 50 company, I know the importance of young people being engaged in science, math and technology. The students from your district were not only engaged but enthusiastic about their learning.

Congratulations to you and their faculty for the dedication and results I saw this past weekend.


Kay Williams
Oro Valley Community Foundation, Vice President

Eduardo Sierra in Collision Industries Class. Won 3rd place in their VERY first competition for Skills USA! Was honored at the Rotary Club Luncheon for student of the month. It was a huge thrill for him and a feather in our cap for PV.  Instructor:  Carlos Lopez




 Please note the below update regarding your site's decision on investment of technology dollars.

 Over the past two months, members of the IT department have met with a broad cross-section of faculty, staff, parents, and administrators at schools to discuss computing needs, specifically a technology refresh for teacher functionality.  These meetings were directed by Cabinet after input from 3G - a learning community consisting of representation from UPC, PVEA, PVSEA, PVP, and COA.  In listening to the questions and concerns addressed by all stakeholders and reviewing additional data, two plans have been developed that foster school-driven decisions regarding their specific needs.

The first plan is a technology refresh for the 2012-13 year geared more towards teacher work functionality.  In this plan, schools are allotted $1,200 per full time equivalent certificated staff to purchase computing devices.  Schools may select a straight exchange (Mac for Mac) or a mixed exchange (Chromebook, iPad, virtualized Mac, AppleTV, etc.).  Schools would then receive an additional $1,200 at minimum per FTE during the 2013-14 school year geared perhaps more towards student devices. Click here to view a short video on this plan.

The second plan is to delay purchasing equipment geared more towards teacher functionality until the 2013-14 school year and instead purchase technology geared more towards student use. In this plan schools are allotted $1,200 per FTE to purchase computing devices geared towards students during the 2012-13 school year.  Schools would then also receive an additional $1,200 at a minimum per FTE staff during the 2013-14 school year geared perhaps more toward teacher functionality. Click here to view a short video on this plan.

More information to come soon.  Prior to a purchase decision, please contact Jeff Billings to meet with you and your leadership team, if you haven’t already met.







Hey PV,
This weekend I took three of our Crime solvers (Neishma Gereno, Ariana
Hernandez and Jessica Lopes) to Tucson to participate in the Arizona
Foundation competition supported by the Oro Valley Police Department and
the Arizona Law Foundation.
Our girls had several obstacles to over come, ie: they had to use the crime
scene kit provided by the foundation (not their own) the other teams had at
least 6 members on their teams, we only had three as required by state
skillsusa standards and then they had to use other electronic equipment
that they were not familiar with and they still were able to take third
place........what an outstanding performance by all three girls. So if you
see them give them another "Atta Girl"........as they did awesome and are
now preparing for next year’s competitions.........
M. Chris Huffman
Forensic Science/LRE


  just a little FYI, because I do not know if you get the info - While they're not mine, I did see your tennis guys at the State Individual Tournament. Khalid Rast played singles, Rex Miller & Kyle Peterson teamed up in doubles. While none got past the first round, they played hard against tough competition - and hey, it is State.




Tanner Kemp, Paradise Valley FFA President, was awarded the $1,000 NAPA
Auto Parts Scholarship. This scholarship is a part of the National FFA
Scholarship program.
Each year the National FFA Organization awards approximately $2 million in
scholarships designed to fit the diversity of applicants. Scholarships are
sponsored by businesses and individuals through the National FFA Foundation
and are given for a wide variety of experiences, career goals and higher
education plans. The selection process takes into account the whole student
- FFA involvement, work experience, Supervised Agricultural Experience
(SAE), community service, leadership skills and academics.
Kevin Norris






K-12 hours changing for the 2012-13 school year

The PV Schools Governing Board voted to extend the elementary and high school days next school year. The extra time in the school day will support increased student achievement as Arizona moves more fully to implement and measure achievement on the Common Core Standards. High school hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 2:10 p.m. Elementary and middle school parents will be notified of new hours.

Board approves employment of directors

At the April 19 meeting, Governing Board members approved the employment of Assistant Director of Community Education Michael Linn as director of Community Education, effective July 1, and Pinnacle High School PrincipalJason Reynolds as director of curriculum and instruction, effective July 1. He is replacing Director of Curriculum and Instruction Cindy Daly who will be coordinator of pvONLINE.

The 6th annual PVschools Fiddle Fest will be held Wednesday, May 2, in the Paradise Valley High School gymnasium. More than 1,000 elementary-, middle- and high-school musicians will perform in shows at 6 and 7:30 p.m.

The grand finale will combine students from elementary, middle, and high schools - over 500 strings students in all - performing a popular Celtic fiddle tune. There is no charge, but expect a capacity crowd for this popular event.

Fun project for our freshmen biotech students:dots



MEMO: to all HPB Inc. Employees


Friday, April 27, 2012 9pm


RE: Crime Evidence


·  Upon returning to school Friday evening after the symposium, I came across an atrocious site! Someone had been drinking a Coke IN THE LAB!                                                                                                                                         Inline image 1

·  I found the partially emptied can on the lab bench; realizing we did not have the necessary skills to analyze fingerprints, I quickly contacted Mrs. Huffman, the Forensics instructor (and law officer) to come down and collect the DNA evidence from the can.


·  I am entrusting you, hardworking, devoted HPB Inc. staff, to find the culprit using this DNA evidence.


·  Persons last known to be in the building prior to it being locked down Friday evening are:


Suspect 1; Mrs. Landry

Suspect 2; Principal Davis

Suspect 3; Mr. Clark

Suspect 4; Mr. Bernier

Suspect 5; Mr. Howardell


Good luck, the integrity of our lab rests on your shoulders.



And may the odds be ever in your favor.......


Mrs. Landry, M.Ed.

Paradise Valley High School
CREST Biotechnology