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Student Payments
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Hours: 7:00am-3:30pm
  • We welcome and encourage students to come during bookstore hours to pay fees or ask any questions about books/fees on there account.
  • Any visiting students coming in during class time must have a pass.
  • Students should come to the bookstore when they don't have an ID, to get a sticker. After 3 stickers students will be given a new ID and a $5 fee will be added to their account. IDs can also be purchased at any time for $5.
  • Students are responsible for checked out items and they will be charged for all items not returned.
  • Attention all students: please do not have other teachers or students return items for you as you are the one responsible for them.
  • Class fees are due as soon as possible. Some classes require the class fees to buy necessary items to have a successful semester.
Please call us with your questions at (602) 449.7018