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Lesson 3.1.1 Elements of Design, Lesson 3.1.2 Principles of Design


    Lesson 3.1.1 Elements of Design is a lesson that graphically presents the six Elements of Design: line, color form and shape, space, texture, and value. These elements are the basic building blocks of all designed objects, whether they be paintings, sculpture, toaster ovens, automobiles, or buildings. In this lesson students will be presented a series of images for each element where they will be able to develop an understanding of the element and how it is applied to design. 

    Lesson 3.1.2 Principles of Design is a lesson that graphically presents the five Principles of Design: balance, rhythm, proportion and scale, unity,and emphasis. The principles are the manipulation and application of the design elements. They are used together to create a look or feel, to send a message about both the form and function of designed objects. 

    Students that understand both the elements and principles of design, who can complete a visual analysis of existing designs, can apply that understanding to create their own designs that better reflect the student's own taste and intent. The goal of these two lessons is for students to better solve engineering problems by designing appealing products.


Teaching Strategies:

    Visual learning is key to this lesson and subsequent lessons. The images are rich and provide contrasting applications of each elements. Students will take notes on the presentation and summarize their understanding at the end of the discussion of each element. This method of lesson delivery has been found to be highly effective at helping students to retain content. In addition, the discussion will center on comparing and contrasting each of the elements, another highly effective teaching and learning strategy. Each of these strategies are discussed at length in the Project proposal with citations from the research included.

Assessment Strategies:

    At the end of the lesson, students will start an application activity where they analyze both the elements and principles of design on some object of their choice. As described in Activity 3.1.1 Visual Design Principles and Elements, students create an electronic document, attached several digital picutres of their object, and use draw tools to annotate the document with a description of each of the principles and elements of design applied to the object.