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“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

                                                                                -George Bernard Shaw

AVID is a college and career readiness system that is in 6,400 schools in 47 states and is also present in DoDEA schools and other countries around the world.  The objective of this system to make sure that any student enrolled in the AVID Elective class is prepared for success in college and has a career pathway.  Students in the AVID elective class experience a rich curriculum that is structured around rigorous  writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading assignments as well as building leadership skills.  Students engage in teambuilding skills as well as practice public speaking and self advocacy.  The curriculum also dives heavily into college awareness, financial aid awareness including scholarship information and applications, and career research.  The end goal is that by the time our AVID students are seniors are in the 2nd semester of their graduating year, they have already applied and been accepted to multiple universities, completed FAFSA, received other scholarships, and have a college match to fit their top career choice.  In order to make sure our students are prepared for success in college, we require our students to take multiple Honors and AP/IB courses during their high school career.  They get to tailor their academic schedule to take advanced courses in subject areas in which they have the most interest.  All of our students in AVID take courses in high school to place them on track to be automatically accepted into a 4-year university and meet scholarship requirements for in-state universities.  Students also receive extensive practice on the SAT/ACT and are required to take those tests as part of the AVID elective class.

Our AVID students have support in their journey in high school through tutorials two days a week which are modeled after college study groups.  Students collaborate in groups to work through points of confusion in their rigorous coursework, just like college students do.  College tutors are often present to facilitate this process.  

Many of our AVID students are highly involved on campus and have leadership positions ranging from student body president to varsity football captain.  Community service and leadership are components of AVID to build student resumes for scholarships and college applications.  Our AVID students have been accepted to in-state universities and multiple universities across the United States, ranging from Duke University to USC to Alabama, and they have been Questbridge finalists and Dell Scholarship finalists.  

Our ultimate goal is to prepare our AVID students for success in high school and beyond by challenging them and supporting their personal and academic growth.  We have had AVID for 15 years, and we rank in the top 1% of all AVID schools nationwide because we are a National Demonstration site and a Schoolwide Site of Distinction. 

Are you interested in attending NCHS to be a part of the AVID program?  Maybe you would like to spend a day at NCHS and shadow a current AVID student to see what it's like........Please click on the link below to download more information on participating in the NCHS AVID Shadowing program!
NCHS AVID Shadowing Program Application:

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by 

preparing all students for college readiness and

success in a global society.

Click on the "photos" page to see  seniors with college acceptance letters

If you are interested in applying to be a student in the NCHS AVID program, there are three easy steps: 

1)  APPLICATION.  There are 2 options for applying to the AVID program.
  •         Either download the paper application, complete it and return to Sylvia Ramos, North Canyon Guidance Dept. 
  •         OR, complete the online AVID application below. 
    The sooner we get your application, the faster we can start processing the paperwork!

NCHS AVID Application

2)  INTERVIEW.  After we have received your paperwork, we will call you and set up a time to come in for an interview with the AVID teachers.
3)  ACCEPTANCE LETTER.  After the completion of the application and interview process, you will receive notification within ONE WEEK if you have been accepted into the AVID program at North Canyon. 

If you are a NCHS student, you can follow the same three easy steps above or stop by the Guidance Department to pick up an application. We accept current freshmen-juniors!